• Protesters march against India’s rape crisis0

    As outrage grows over sexual assaults and murders of minor girls, people question the country’s culture of impunity Thousands of people from different religions hold a candlelight march through Bhopal on April 16 demanding justice for victims of rape in India. (Photo by Saji Thomas/ Saji Thomas, Bhopal India April 18, 2018 Priests, nuns and lay

  • Rape and murder of 8-year-old challenges India’s secularism0

    Crime that has shocked the nation has been politicized by pro-Hindu groups People gathered in Amritsar town of Punjab to protest the rape and murder of a Muslim girl in the Jammu area of Jammu and Kashmir state. (Photo from IANS) Umar Manzoor Shah, Jammu India April 17, 2018 As national outrage over the rape

  • India Accuses British Rohingya Man As Al-Qaeda Terror Group Operative0

      April 13, 2018 BenarNews  By Jhumur Deb A British Rohingya man has been charged with helping the al-Qaeda extremist group build its base in the Indian sub-continent, according to a charge sheet drawn up by India’s top counter terror agency. Suspect Samiun Rahman, 28, fought for al-Qaeda in Syria, then travelled to Bangladesh and

  • Hindu protests against Rohingya intensify in India’s Jammu0

    Protesters demand government deport some 5,000 refugees living in makeshift shanties Protesters march through the streets of Jammu city demanding the deportation of Rohingya from Jammu and Kashmir state on April 11. (Photo by Umar Manzoor Shah) Umar Manzoor Shah, Jammu India April 12, 2018 Hundreds of Hindus marched on the streets of Jammu city

  • Sri Lanka’s Muslims fear more reprisals after riots0

    Religious tensions still high as Muslims compete with Buddhists for business and army allegedly turns blind eye to attacks A man stands inside a mosque on April 6 that was set on fire in Pallekelle, Kandy during the clashes in March. (Photo by Quintus Colombage/ Quintus Colombage, Kandy Sri Lanka April 13, 2018 Hundreds of

  • Muslims Will Enter Your House As Brothers, Leave as Lovers, BJP MLA Warns Hindus0

    Urging Hindus to not allow Muslim men in their houses, Banwari Lal Singhal further said Meo Muslims are the ‘Naxalites’ of Alwar. Banwari Lal Singhal. Credit: Facebook Shruti Jain Communalism 12/Apr/2018 Jaipur: Banwari Lal Singhal, a BJP MLA from Alwar (Urban), in his latest controversial statement during a community meeting in the city, charged Muslims of being


  • The Saudi Export of Ultra-conservatism in the Era of MbS – an Update0

      by James M. Dorsey        18/4/2018 Edited remarks at The Middle East and the Geopolitics of Religious Soft Power, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University and the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, Washington DC 18-19 April 2018 There has long been the debate about the

  • Negating Nuclear Bluff0

    Asma Khalid    14/4/2018 The war of words between India and Pakistan’s militaries prove that both South Asian nuclear states are intertwined in a traditional security competition. Indian Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat, while delivering the annual Army dinner, stated:”We will call the (nuclear) bluff of Pakistan. If we will have to confront the Pakistanis,

  • How would John Bolton in NSA Impact Pakistan?0

    by Ubaid Ahmed     14/4/2018 Despite the triumphs Pakistan has had in curbing terrorism, the NSA John Bolton doesn’t believe that Pakistan is internally strong enough to thwart an assumed Islamist takeover of the state. President Trump on March 23rd announced in a tweet that he was removing H.R. McMaster from his post of National Security


    N. S. Venkataraman    14/4/2018 It is now very well known that the entire private TV media in India are owned by business houses or political parties, which largely function with the twin objectives of earning revenue and profit at any cost and carrying out motivated propaganda with partisan outlook, to serve the interest of

  • So-called Nepal Experts In India Create Havoc Between Two Countries’ Relationship0

    BY HARI PRASAD SHRESTHA    14/4/2018 During the recent India visit of Nepal Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli, it has been observed that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted, to some level that he was misguided by the so-called Nepal experts – during the promulgation of Constitution of Nepal in 2015 and Nepal India

  • Why TN turned its back on Modi0

    N Sathiya Moorthy 13 April 2018 Thursday’s protests across Tamil Nadu was less pro-Cauvery and more anti-Modi in character and content — including in it various development projects in the state that are perceived as ‘environmentally unfriendly’ and hence ‘anti-Tamil’, says N Sathiya Moorthy.  If the ruling BJP leadership at the Centre had thought that through the

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  • AUW 10th Anniversary Symposium Schedule

    AUW 10th Anniversary Symposium Schedule

    From Survival to Sustainable Development: Overcoming Challenges for Achieving a Just World. Friday, May 11th 2018 at the Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh To be held at the Radisson Hotel, Chittagong By all accounts, the earth’s people have never had it better—we live longer and healthier and more productive lives than any time

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