• India’s pro-Hindu party wins over Christian-led states0

    Critics say national poll results could be different as BJP’s victory in three ‘hostile’ regions only lightweight wins Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, centre, gestures as he is welcomed by his party members upon arriving for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) parliamentary meeting in New Delhi on March 6. (Photo by Money Sharma/AFP) Nirendra Dev,

  • US-Pakistan Relations On Mend Thanks To Reward Offer0

       March 13, 2018 Arab News By Arab News By Rahimullah Yusufzai* The United States has started making a determined effort to address Pakistan’s long-standing grievances by offering reward money for information on three top Pakistani Taliban commanders currently based in Afghanistan. Last week’s move could not only placate Islamabad, but also bring it under pressure to

  • China: Friend, Foe, or Something in Between0

    OPINION – March 12, 2018 By Todd Royal In the brutal 2014 film Fury, a soldier quips: “Ideals are peaceful. History is violent.” This violence is what the entire world, and particularly Southeast Asia, should be thinking about with regards to China’s rise. Is the rise going to be peaceful, violent, or somewhere in between? The evidence suggests more violent than

  • Charges of Intimidation of Diplomats, Families Roil India, Pakistan Relations0

    Pakistan alleges that the children of one of its diplomats stationed in Delhi were left “traumatised” by unidentified men who blocked their cars as they were returning from school. Pakistan High Commission in Delhi. Credit: Facebook The Wire Staff EXTERNAL AFFAIRS INDIAN DIPLOMACY New Delhi: Pakistan on Tuesday summoned the deputy Indian high commissioner in Islamabad

  • India can lead in building inclusive democracy, peace in South Asia0

    By Manju Theresa Mathew        14/3/2018 There are more issues common to the people of South Asia than we can count. India’s geographic location and the country being a stable economic entity in the heart of South Asia can be used favourably to build peace in the region, ravaged by poverty, violence against

  • The Genocide the U.S. Didn’t See Coming0

    Szymon Barylski for Politico Magazine WASHINGTON AND THE WORLD Barack Obama was determined to open up to Myanmar. Now the country’s military is slaughtering its most vulnerable ethnic group. Could the United States have prevented it? By NAHAL TOOSI March/April 2018 Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh—The Moynarghona refugee camp, a claustrophobic, chaotic mass of bamboo and tarpaulin shacks,


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