• Kulbhushan Yadav Affair and India-Pakistan Conflict0

      On April 10, 2017, a former Indian Navy officer national Kulbhushan Yadav was given the death sentence by a by an its Field General Court Martial under provisions of the Pakistan Army Act and the Official Secrets Act. Yadav can appeal the death sentence to Pakistan’s Supreme Court within 60 days. H was convicted for espionage, anti-state activities,

  • Dalits Left Behind as Nepal Slowly Recovers0

    By Patrick Barron Two years ago, Nepal was hit by two devastating earthquakes. As the country still struggles to recover, evidence from research conducted by The Asia Foundation reveals that Dalits, a section of society traditionally deemed as “untouchable,” and other lower caste groups face particular barriers which have made recovery more challenging. Natural disasters

  • A New Difficult Kashmir0

    Dr. Adfer Shah A Different Generation On stopping their smaller toddler of barely six years old, from going out while the stone pelting and clashes were on, the parents got somewhat a strange and a worth shocking reply from him. The boy angrily shouted, “Now when you have two sons (he and his elder brother),


    Immediately after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Start up India program and organized an inauguration function in his characteristic event management style, there was much euphoria in the country about this program. Many thought that Mr. Modi had given a tremendous opportunity to young persons with enthusiasm and ideas to launch their projects that

  • Sasikala family should be out of AIADMK for party unity: Former CM O. Pannerselvam!0

    Dr. Abdul Ruff The ruling AIADMK faction “Amma”, now operating under jailed Sasikala’s guidance seems to be keen to regain the party symbol somehow by bringing back the O Panneerselvam faction without effecting any basic changes in the party or government. More importantly, the Amma AIADMK Party and government would still be under the grip

  • Afghanistan: US Drops “Mother of All Bombs” Potentially Changing Kabul’s Regional Role0

    Alexander Murray Having almost never mentioned Afghanistan during his United States presidential campaign as well as over the first three months of his presidency, on 13 April US President Trump shocked the world by authorizing the use of the US military’s largest non-nuclear bomb, the GBU-43/B, in eastern Nangarhar claiming to be bringing the fight

  • India: Political compulsions in Tamil Nadu0

      -Dr. Abdul Ruff Sudden death of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa – a strong factor of stable politics in the state- resulted in the unexpected instability of the government and confusion among the people as the ruling AIADMK was split into factions. In fact, death of AIADMK supermo Jayalalithaa would have created any

  • India’s Foreign Policy Ambitions and Capabilities: Options for Pakistan0

    By Muhammad Adil Sivia* Effective foreign policy making and implementation require clear vision about self and pragmatic understanding of the prevailing international environment. For newly independent countries the role of leadership, especially founding fathers, becomes naturally very important for defining the core objectives of the foreign policy of the country. Defining the institutional structure and


  • Corruption: A Legacy Not Easy To Give Up For Bangladesh0

    Kazi Mukitul Corruption, an infamous and recognised evil, remains a major challenge to socio-economic development in Bangladesh. From the title of champion in corruption in the early 2000s, the country’s progress in fighting the evil is still mediocre, compared to pompous claims by the policy makers. Bribe given to different government sectors is equivalent to

  • For Whom All Does The Bell Tolls, When, Why And For How Long?0

    N. Sathiya Moorthy The Holiday Season sets the mood for rejoicing and relaxing, but anyone in his senses and decision-making positions in this country cannot be doing that. But even during the long years and decades of ethnic war(s), Sri Lanka was not known to have taken a holiday from those holidays, just as the

  • Unresolved issues0

    Javeed Bin Nabi Ever since 1947 partition of British India, Kashmir has always dominated the regional and national psyche. The partition of British India which divided the subcontinent into two big ideologies, cultures and created two rival countries and vying for control over Kashmir has caused immense damage to the economy of Kashmir as well

  • A Brief History of Arakan: From Kingdom to a Colony

    A Brief History of Arakan: From Kingdom to a Colony0

      Abid Bahar On December 31st, 2011, Arakanese Diaspora marked its 227th anniversary of the fall of the great Arakanese medieval kingdom. Arakan’s powerful kingdom was established by King Noromikhla. Arakanese nationals didn’t forget, in 1784 Burmese king Budapaya sent a large army led by his son who mercilessly razed the city to ground and

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