• ASEAN leaders stumble over humanitarian crises 0

    Catholics, Muslims and ethnic Chinese have borne the brunt of the bloc’s failure to act Luke Hunt, Hong Kong Asia March 14, 2019 Five great refugee floods have blighted Southeast Asia over the last half-century — sparked by conflicts in Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, East Timor (also known as Timor Leste) and Myanmar — in

  • Rohingya run schools in India for rejected kids0

    Govt schools turn away children of Muslim refugees as Hindu groups in Kashmir demand they be deported to Myanmar A bashful Tasleema Akhtar, 4, has her photo taken at a makeshift classroom inside a refugee camp in India’s Jammu. She is among about 100 Rohingya children who are attending the preparatory school after government-run schools in the area began turning the refugees

  • Every street in Lhasa is watched: Chinese media0

    A CCTV camera in a street in Lhasa. Photo: Weibo 11 years after historic riots, the Tibetan capital is awash with CCTV cameras ByAsia Times staff 15 March 2019 Chinese media say virtually every street in Lhasa, capital of the southwestern Tibet Autonomous Region populated by devout worshipers of Tibetan Buddhism, is under constant CCTV surveillance.


  • Iran and North Korea highlight pitfalls of Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ strategy0

    By James M. Dorsey 10 March 2019 A podcast version of this story is available on Soundcloud, Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and Tumblr Donald J. Trump’s hitherto failed ‘maximum pressure’ approach to Iran, as well as for that matter North Korea, begs the question what the US president’s true objectives are and what options he

  • All The King’s Men0

    As Trump comes under increasing pressure from House Democrats for what appear to be illegal acts, he is blindly defended by Republicans in Congress, writes William Milam by William Milam March 8, 2019 Two friends sent me last week a video from an Al Jazeera TV show called Head to Head, a similar to the

  • Legal storm clouds gather over Diego Garcia0

    March 8, 2019 An aerial view of America’s leased Diego Garcia military base in the Indian Ocean. Photo: Facebook Legal storm clouds gather over Diego Garcia An International Court of Justice advisory could eventually upend America’s long-held lease on the strategic Indian Ocean military facility ByBertil Lintner, Chiang Mai Recent skirmishes between India and Pakistan

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