• Two Years After Rohingya Influx, Tensions Rise in Bangladesh0

    By Sunil Barua and Kamran Reza Chowdhury Aug 25, 2019 Tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees rallied in southeastern Bangladesh on Sunday to mark the second anniversary of violence that caused three quarters of a million people to flee Myanmar, as officials in Dhaka blasted the neighboring country over the latest failed repatriation bid. Rohingya

  • Kolkata Police: Indian Leader of JMB Militant Group Arrested0

    By Poritosh Paul on Aug 26, 2019 A police special task force in Kolkata arrested a leader of the banned Islamic outfit Jamaat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), a police official told reporters on Monday. Suspect Md Ejaz Ahmad, 30, was arrested in India’s Bihar province Monday morning, task force joint commissioner Shuvankar Sinha Sarker told reporters.

  • In Kashmir, Government’s Priority Should be to Protect Civil Liberties0

    August 26, 2019 Blacking Out Communication Channels is a Form of Collective Punishment that Cripples Daily Lives and Economic ActivitiesPublished in Scroll.In  “The number you have called has been temporarily disconnected,” is the message I hear every time I dial my friend’s phone in Srinagar. My friend remains unreachable for the 21st day on Monday. On


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  • Myanmar: Is it time for the West to Engage The United Wa State Army?

    Many regional observers suggest that China directs a well-trained, motivated, disciplined proxy army of 30,000 soldiers controlling territory with major cities; agriculture, mining, and industry. At one time this group was considered to be the number one producer of heroin in the world. They now appear to be a global leader in the manufacture Amphetamine

  •  The Rising Scourge of Linguistic corruption in Bangladesh

    By Dr Obaidul Hamid     16 September 2020 In Bangladesh, corruption meaning deliberate financial misuse and misappropriation needs no new debate. For several years in a row, Transparency International has consistently ranked Bangladesh as one among 10 most corrupt countries in the world. What about linguistic corruption? Not many in Bangladesh are aware of the

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