• Can Bangladesh Sustain its Growth Momentum?0

    April 22, 2020 by Abdullah Ar Rafee Bangladesh has stood among the fastest growing economies in the world for over a decade, and has experienced consistent growth rates of over five percent since 2004. For 2020, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) forecasted a growth rate of eight percent, the highest among all countries in the

  • A lifeline for India’s stranded migrant workers0

    Lifting of travel ban brings a cautious welcome but one activist says it is ‘too little and too late’ Bijay Kumar Minj, New Delhi IndiaApril 30, 2020 Church leaders and activists have given a mixed reaction to the Indian government’s decision to allow the movement of migrant workers, pilgrims, students and tourists stranded in various

  • The Delhi Violence FIRs Are Like Blank Cheques, to be Encashed By the Police Any Time0

    The Wire India 30 April 2020 At a time when the entire country is on a pandemic-induced lockdown and only essential services are being allowed to operate, should the Central government have hurriedly begun acting on its hypothesis that the recent communal violence in North-East Delhi was provoked or planned by anti-CAA protestors? This is

  • SAARC faces the pandemic; together?0

    The outbreak shines a spotlight on the dysfunctional state of cooperation in South Asia, but also provides an opportunity to fix the situation Zofeen T. Ebrahim spoke to Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, a member of the Pakistani Prime Minister’s health task force Zulfiqar A. Bhutta April 13, 2020 More than two months after the World Health

  • ‘Are we animals?’: Migrants bear brunt of South Asia’s lockdown0

    Migrant workers in India, Pakistan and Nepal are crushed by poverty as earnings come to an abrupt halt in the lockdown forced by the Covid-19 pandemic (नेपाली) सीमित रोजगारीका अवसरहरूका कारण दक्षिण एसियाभर लाखौँ मानिसहरू यस्ता काम गर्न बाध्य छन् जसमा आफ्नो श्रम बाहेक बेच्ने कुरा अरू केही हुँदैन । (फोटोः सुचिता दास, फ्रिडम हाउस,

  • Coronavirus May Have Exposed India’s Economic Fault Lines0

    27th April 2020 Dr. Usman W. Chohan The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has already exacted a devastating toll on the world economy in but a few months. Although developed countries have been shaken by the disruption, the developing world has borne the brunt of a disproportionate poverty-related aspect embedded within coronavirus’ spread. In India, the scope



    by Eduardo Faleiro 17 January 2020 Religion has emerged as a major source of conflict across the globe. Ideological strife has now given place to the “clash of civilizations” and it is felt that in the foreseeable future, religion will be a major source of conflict within and among nations. The possibilities of conflict are

  • Justifying a Pakistani Response to India’s Hybrid Warfare Campaign0

    By: Haris Bilal Malik 17 January 2020 Hybrid warfare has irreversibly changed the dynamics of war in the contemporary era. In a way, it can be perceived as forming a ‘new normal’ that has also transformed the nature of warfare in South Asia, one of the most volatile regions of the world. There is no

  • Iran crisis: A high-stakes bet on who blinks first1

    By James M. Dorsey 15 January 2020 Two sets of US government cables suggest that Iran hawks in and outside the Trump administration appear to have the upper hand as European countries give hardliners a helping hand by attempting to force Iran to seek a diplomatic solution to a crisis that threatens to engulf the

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  • Karan Thapar | Horrors of 1947 Partition: A selective remembrance?

    Deccan Chronicle Aug 20, 2021   Narendra Modi’s crudely named Partition Horrors remembrance Day is a very different thing  Put simply, the Partition of 1947 was the tearing apart of our undivided subcontinent. (AP Photo) A “remembrance day” should be an occasion when people unite in recalling an event that should never be forgotten. That

  • Perennial Onslaught on Freedom of Cyberspace in Kashmir and Two years of the Abrogation of Article 370

    by Rohini Dahiya & Towseef Ahmad Dar Living under siege and through one of the longest internet shutdowns in any democracy, people from the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir continue to deal with its aftermath. The 5th August 2021 marked the second anniversary of the abrogation of the State’s constitutional status as under Article

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