• Pakistan elections: weak government will allow army to keep pulling the strings0

    Katharine Adeney, University of Nottingham On one level, 2018’s elections in Pakistan look like a chance to further embed the country’s democracy. They herald the country’s second transition of power from one elected civilian-led government to another, and may see a change in the party heading the government – two key measures of a successful

  • India: a “major power” still below its potential0

    by Alyssa Ayres*     25 July 2018 India is ranked a “major power” in the Lowy Institute’s new Asia Power Index. The Index sifts through more than 100 indicators across eight different measures to create a unique ranking of the relative power of 25 Asian countries. And for New Delhi, the analysis by and large looks good, with

  • China eyes new world order, sees Asia as test bed0

      A change in international institutions is inevitable but the continued protection of human rights still a key concern New sheriff in town: China’s President Xi Jinping (right) meets with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing on July 16. (Photo by Ng Han Guan/AFP) Michael Sainsbury China July 24, 2018

  • Grim lives of Bangladesh’s modern-day slaves0

      Global report reveals low wages, poor labor practices and dangerous conditions for many workers Tannery workers on duty in unhealthy conditions in Savar, a suburb of capital Dhaka, on July 10. The Global Slavery Index 2018 says 592,000 Bangladeshis are modern-day slaves. (Photo by Stephan Uttom/ Stephan Uttom, Dhaka UCA News Bangladesh July 25,

  • Bangladeshi Journalists Denounce Bloody Assault on Ex-Newspaper Editor0

    Jesmin Papri, Dhaka, 2018-07-23 Bangladeshi police escort Mahmudur Rahman (left) after unidentified men assaulted the former newspaper editor as he was leaving a courthouse in Kushtia district, July 22, 2018.  Newsroom Photo Bangladeshi journalists took to the streets Monday to condemn a brutal attack on a former newspaper editor as he was being released on bail in

  • Bureaucratic Anomalies Put Assam’s ‘Doubtful Voters’ in a Precarious Position0

    With the final draft NRC expected soon, there is still no visible mechanism in place for the EC to continuously update its list based on the judgements by tribunals clearing ‘D voters’. Voters during the 2016 Assam elections. Credit: PTI Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty   24 July 2018 Guwahati: Shah Alam Bhuyan, an assistant inspector in the Assam


  • The Phases of Growth: India-Japan Strategic Partnership in the 21st Century0

    by Dr. Thomas F. Lynch III The emerging strategic relationship between India and Japan is significant for the future security and stability of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.   India and Japan share complementary, but not identical, strategic visions.  India and Japan both seek to manage – and minimize – the potential negative impacts from the rise of China

  • The Rohingya Genocide and Ambivalent Bangladesh0

      by Taj Hashmi “Ambivalence” is a state of having simultaneous conflicting beliefs and opinions towards people, objects, events, and concepts. It is the most appropriate expression to portray the state of Bangladeshi indecisiveness toward the ongoing genocide of Rohingyas in Arakan. Both the people and their government in Bangladesh seem to be unenthused to


    by F R Chowdhury In my earlier article “Myanmar military’s addiction to political power” I tried to explain how the Myanmar’s military very reluctantly relinquished the active political power but still held on to the roots so that it can still dictate the future policy. It is keen to create some problem and keep alive

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  • Sri Lanka’s Muslims bloodied by Buddhism

    By Ana Pararajasingham June 20, 2019 Sri Lanka has become more fragile, fractured and polarized following the Easter Sunday bomb attacks as the country’s Muslims are harassed and subjected to violence by mobs of Sinhala Buddhists who form the majority of the island’s population. Although those targeted by jihadist violence on Easter Sunday were the

  • Bangladesh And Revenge Politics: To What End?

    “Revenge, the sweetest morsel to mouth that ever was cooked in hell.” ~Sir Walter Scott from The Heart Of Mid-Lothian Revenge politics has long been the bedrock of Sheikh Hasina’s personal and political motto and raison d’etre. The people of Bangladesh are well aware of this unwelcome fact, which has, very regrettably, become mundane in

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