• Mass incarceration of Uyghurs could backfire on the Party0

    A person wearing a white mask with tears of blood takes part in a protest march of ethnic Uyghurs asking for the European Union to call upon China to respect human rights in the Chinese Xinjiang region and ask for the closure of “re-education centers” where Uyghurs are detained, during a demonstration around the EU

  • Report claims Myanmar military planned Rohingya genocide0

      Mass killings, rape and arson happened before August 2017 clampdown on militants, says Fortify Rights Myanmar border guard police stand at the gate of Nga Khu Ya camp in Maungdaw, Rakhine State, on June 28. Fortify Rights claims security forces carried out mass killings, rape and arson attacks against Rohingya in a planned operation. (Photo by AFP)

  • Fiction: End overend0

    By Daniel Bosley* 20 July 2018 A short story Illustration: Arati Kumar-Rao The sun eased itself into the Indian Ocean, quickening the flat horizon with crimson before leaving only shades of pink. The guests looked on from the cocktail bar in hushed silence, like visitors on a seven-star wildlife safari. Satisfied, they turned their seats

  • From Darjeeling to Aracataca0

    By Manjushree Thapa*   20 July 2018 A novelist on literary homelessness. A mural of Gabriel García Márquez in Getsemani, Colombia. Photo: Manjushree Thapa Their imaginations were fed by exile, a nourishment drawn not through roots but through rootlessness. My imagination, however, requires that I stay in the same city, on the same street, in the

  • Indian Hindus call for Mother Teresa’s award to be revoked0

    Campaign is launched after the arrest of a Missionaries of Charity nun accused of conducting illegal adoption Police visit the premises of the Nirmal Hriday home run by Missionaries of Charity in Ranchi on July 4. (Photo by IANS) Bijay Kumar Minj, New Delhi, and Stephan Uttom, Dhaka India July 18, 2018 Leaders of Hindu groups in

  • At Least 22 Rohingya Slain in Refugee Camps in 11 Months: Bangladeshi Police0

    By Kamran Reza Chowdhury on Jul 16, 2018 At least 22 Rohingya people were slain through “internal” disputes at refugee camps in Bangladesh during the past 11 months, according to police, but members of the uprooted community allege that ARSA insurgents were behind some of those killings. Bangladeshi authorities have officially denied the presence of


  • The Phases of Growth: India-Japan Strategic Partnership in the 21st Century0

    by Dr. Thomas F. Lynch III The emerging strategic relationship between India and Japan is significant for the future security and stability of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.   India and Japan share complementary, but not identical, strategic visions.  India and Japan both seek to manage – and minimize – the potential negative impacts from the rise of China

  • The Rohingya Genocide and Ambivalent Bangladesh0

      by Taj Hashmi “Ambivalence” is a state of having simultaneous conflicting beliefs and opinions towards people, objects, events, and concepts. It is the most appropriate expression to portray the state of Bangladeshi indecisiveness toward the ongoing genocide of Rohingyas in Arakan. Both the people and their government in Bangladesh seem to be unenthused to


    by F R Chowdhury In my earlier article “Myanmar military’s addiction to political power” I tried to explain how the Myanmar’s military very reluctantly relinquished the active political power but still held on to the roots so that it can still dictate the future policy. It is keen to create some problem and keep alive

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  • Indian Politics: — Modi Returns!

    by Nilofar Suhrawardy 25 May 2019 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s stunning victory in Indian parliamentary elections marking return of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister have raised apprehensions of it spelling danger signals for Indian secularism as well as democracy. Undeniably, Modi’s term, from 2014 to present, has been marked by saffronization of certain institutions

  • Unforgettable Zia, As I Knew Him

    By R Chowdhury 23 May 2019 Following my escape from Pakistan Army in 1971, I was posted to Z Force of Colonel Ziaur Rahman in the eastern theater of the Bangladesh liberation war. The nearly 20-day journey took me from Lahore to Khem Karan to Rajoke to Ferozepur to Delhi to Kolkata to Agartala and

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