• Bangladesh Elections: Commentary: One day does not an election make0

    Md Jahangir Alam, Awami League nominated mayor candidate in Gazipur City Corporation elections, shows V-sign for victory in a post-polls reaction at the office of Gazipur returning officer on Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Photo: Palash Khan Mahfuz Anam, Editor the Daily Star, Bangladesh June 29, 2018 The much-awaited Gazipur city election is over, the “we-knew-it-from-before”

  • China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Opportunities and Risks0

    Report 297 / Asia 29 June 2018 The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, opened in 2015, could bring needed jobs and investment to Pakistan. But many projects also risk widening social divides and heightening political tensions along the route. With Beijing’s support, Islamabad should seek the public’s input to ensure equity in economic gains. What’s new? Pakistani

  • The Belt and Road Bubble Is Starting to Burst0

    China’s hasty international investments are beginning to drag down its own economy. By David G. Landry June 27, 2018 China’s President Xi Jinping shakes hands with Democratic Republic of Congo’s President Joseph Kabila at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Sept. 4, 2015. (LINTAO ZHANG/AFP/Getty Images) In a sense, the Sicomines resources-for-infrastructure

  • Islamic State presence confirmed in Kashmir0

    Indian state’s government admits for the first time that the terrorist group is operating in the region A Kashmiri man carries an Islamic State group flag during clashes between protesters and Indian government forces in Srinagar on June 16. (Photo by Tauseef Mustafa/AFP) Umar Manzoor Shah, Srinagar India June 28, 2018 The so-called Islamic State (IS)

  • The United States’ Failures with JCPOA Compliance0

    May 28, 2018 By AIC Research Fellow Gabriela Billini The United States has now withdrawn from the JCPOA, citing Iran’s failure to comply with its commitments, despite repeated confirmation from a diverse array of partners who solidly confirm the opposite. There have been accusations since the JCPOA’s signing that Iran has not acted in the

  • Suspect in Bangladeshi Publisher’s Murder Shot Dead in ‘Crossfire,’ Police Say0

    By Sharif Khiam on Jun 28, 2018 04:59 pm A suspect in the June 11 murder of a secular publisher was killed in a “crossfire” incident in Dhaka on Thursday, four days after being taken into custody, police said Thursday. Abdur Rahman was arrested Sunday as a suspect in the killing of writer and publisher


  • Shaping Eurasia’s future: Unintended consequences of abrogating Iran’s nuclear deal 0

      By James M. Dorsey US President Donald J. Trump’s targeting of a two-year-old agreement curtailing Iran’s ability to produce nuclear weapons could not only spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, but also tilt European-Chinese competition for domination of Eurasia’s future energy infrastructure in China’s favour. As Mr. Trump keeps the world

  • China, Nepal to focus on cross-border Railway!0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Pivot Like USA and Russia that have assumed Asia pivot to influence the continent, China also has its own Asia pivot, but it also has South Asia pivot too trying to woo the nations to come under its new Silk route program nicknamed the ‘One Belt, One Road (OBOR)’ initiative. China’s

  • Rohingya crisis: this is what genocide looks like0

    Alicia de la Cour Venning, Queen Mary University of London The world is witnessing a state-orchestrated humanitarian catastrophe on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. The latest UN figures show a staggering 370,000 Rohingya have fled into Bangladesh since August 25. An unknown number have perished. Around 26,000 non-Muslims have also been displaced. This is just the latest

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