• Inside The Mad World of Indian and Pakistani Visa Rules0

    The struggle an Indian has to go through to get a Pakistani visa and vice versa is frustrating and largely fruitless. That’s where all the ties the two countries share just aren’t enough. Photo for representative purposes only. Credit: Reuters Sanchia DeSouza 19 August 2018 When the news first broke that Imran Khan was likely

  • The Taliban Takes on Islamic State: Insurgents Vie for Control of Northern Afghanistan0

    Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 16 Issue: 16 By: Waliullah Rahmani August 10, 2018 Fierce fighting between the Taliban and Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K), the Afghan chapter of IS, have seen hundreds of militants killed in Jowzjan and Faryab provinces, two provinces in northern Afghanistan considered to be IS-K strongholds. About 300 militants were killed in two weeks

  • Bangladesh: Falsification of police FIR against Shahidul (part two)0

    Monday, August 13, 2018 Falsification of police FIR against Shahidul (part two) This blog has  already written how the police significantly distorted its First Information Report written against Shahidul Alam – which sets out the rationale for his detention – claiming that he had stated sentences which he had never said, in fact just inventing sentences

  • Bangladesh: Can the Election Commission regain public confidence?0

    Shakhawat Hossain     17 August 2018 Elections were considered to be festivals in Bangladesh, but now are perceived as source of fear. As many have expressed their apprehensions regarding fair national elections in December this year following the massive irregularities in the latest five city corporation polls, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda

  • Independent but floundering: India after 71 years0

      As people celebrate across the country, questions remain about extreme poverty, inequality and religious discriminati A student in Chennai gets her palms painted with India’s national flag colors and map ahead of Indian Independence Day celebrations. The day is celebrated every year across India on Aug. 15 to commemorate independence from Britain in 1947. (Photo

  • Indian PM condemns lynchings but critics say it’s too late0

      It is the first time in four years that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned violence against minorities Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures while delivering a speech as part of India’s 72nd Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort in New Delhi on Aug. 15. (Photo by AFP) Umar Manzoor Shah, New Delhi


  • Eleven Journalists Killed, 46 Attacked, 27 Cases of Police Action: Report on Press Freedom 20170

    By The Wire Staff on 20/01/2018 From Gauri Lankesh’s murder to defamation suits, attacks on the media have become commonplace. Credit: Karnika Kohli/The Wire New Delhi: The ‘India Freedom Report: Media Freedom and Freedom of Expression in 2017’ by The Hoot confirms with data what an alarming year 2017 was for journalists, including photographers and stringers,

  • Gulf crisis turns Qatar into the ‘region’s Israel’0

    By James M. Dorsey Prominent US constitutional lawyer and scholar Alan M. Dershowitz raised eyebrows when he described Qatar as “the Israel of the Gulf states.” Known for his hard-line pro-Israel views, Mr. Dershowitz drew his conclusion following an all-expenses paid trip to the Gulf state. Mr. Dershowitz argued that Qatar like Israel was “surrounded

  • Society, Rights and Tradition0

    by Aishwarya Chaturvedi      19/1/2018 The idea of a society which we confront is not something given by nature but instead that which was crafted by human beings in the past and that which is constantly being made and remade by them in the present. Neither in respect of individuals nor in respect of society,

  • Pretending to be savior of Bengalis in Assam0

      By Nava Thakuria       18/1/2018 For many people in eastern India, Bangladeshi means Bengali. It indicates that everyone living in Bangladesh must be a Bengali. But in reality, Bangladesh is a tiny neighboring nation with a secular identity comprising various ethnic tribes. The populous country is however dominated by Muslim population where almost

  • Redefining the secular mode for India0

    By Romila Thapar   18/1/2018 17 January 2018 India needs to own its historical secularism, rather than reject it as an alien concept, to move the country towards more just governance. Flickr / M. Aditya Bharadwaj Let us begin with the assumption that we want a secular society in India. How then would one define it?


    F R Chowdhury   17.1.2018 Donald Trump had a simple and easy slogan for his election campaign – MAGA – make America great again. Many think that Trump was trying to refer to Barrack Obama presidency period as a dark chapter and promised to bring back the white supremacy again. Obama is not only black, but

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