• India: How Men Turned a Peaceful, Women-Led Protest Into an Excuse to Riot0

    The organic nature of women claiming their spaces was replaced in the nightmare reality of men who killed, set houses and shops on fire and caused havoc in north east Delhi.  by N.P. Ashley 8 March 2020 The unmistakeable aspect of the Citizenship Amendment Act-National Register of Citizens narrative, as introduced by the BJP government,

  • Delhi’s Riots Are Over But Mistrust Lingers0

    The worst communal violence to hit India’s capital in nearly three decades began Sunday, triggered by Hindu groups who attacked mostly Muslim protesters demonstrating against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new religion-based citizenship law. At least 25 people died and more than 200 were injured over three days of rioting, according to the most recent tally

    By OZY
  • Manmohan Singh: Former PM says India situation ‘grim and morose’0

    6 March 2020 BBC Former Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh has warned of “social disharmony, economic slowdown and a global health epidemic” facing the country. “The current situation is very grim and morose,” he wrote in a sharply critical op-ed in The Hindu newspaper. The article comes in the wake of the most violent riots

  • Pakistan and Our Fantasies of Violence0

    The persistent invoking of Pakistan to address India’s internal partisanship begs the question: why are we so coiled up over a failed state and project? Photo: Reuters/Mukesh Gupta Oeendrila Lahiri 7 March 2020 Is it hate or envy that we feel towards Pakistan? Calling Indian Muslims Pakistani loyalists is not new, but the equation right

  • Why the Trump-Modi Friendship Is So Dangerous0

    India is tilting toward fascism with U.S. backing. That’s not just dangerous for Indians — Americans should beware, too. By Basav Sen, March 4, 2020 In May 2019, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Narendra Modi was reelected in India, a development many of us concerned about social, economic, and environmental justice denounced as very dangerous. We were wrong. It turned

  • Trump: Taliban could ‘possibly’ seize power after US troops leave0

    Under a US-Taliban deal signed last week, all foreign troops would withdraw from Afghanistan within 14 months. 7 March 2020 US President Donald Trump has said the Taliban could “possibly” overrun the United States-backed Afghan government after foreign troops withdraw from the country as part of a deal signed last week.  “Countries have to take care of themselves,” Trump


  • India’s Continuing Arrogance in Kashmir0

    By: Haris Bilal Malik 17 November 2019 On October 31, 2019, India formally split up the Muslim-majority region of Jammu and Kashmir into two federal (union) territories. By doing so India violated the UNSC resolutions on the matter and officially issued a new political map indicating Ladakh and Jammu as Indian Union Territories. According to

  • Why is the world talking less about Sri Lankan presidential polls this time?0

    There is little or no excitement in global capitals over the Sri Lankan presidential polls this time, unlike during the last three elections of 2005, 2010 and 2015. by N Sathiya Moorthy 15 November 2019    Delayed excitement on the domestic front is just picking up even as campaign for the Sri Lanka’s presidential polls

  • Why can the world not protect climate without checking population growth?0

    by NS Venkatraman 16 November 2019 A well-researched study has been conducted about the linkages between global population growth and climate hazard. The research has been done by Nandini Consultancy Centre, a firm of chemical engineers based in Chennai and Singapore (www.nandinichemical/com). The study report urges the UNO to recognize the inadequacies of the decisions

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