• Future of AAP: Kejriwal under Congress-BJP scanners! (Part-1)0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) that came to power in Delhi as a rude shock to the then leading parties like Congress and BJP ruling the state capital state alternatively since the Delhi state came into being. Arvind Kejriwal, the crusader for social causes, led the political regime change in Delhi and

  • Pakistan’s New Patriarchs0

    Pakistan’s New Patriarchs Mohammed Hanif AUG. 10, 2017 Malala Yousafzai during an interview in Nigeria in July. Credit Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters KARACHI, Pakistan — There is an increasingly popular formula for political TV talk shows in Pakistan. A young, well-groomed and articulate woman introduces one or two or sometimes six middle-aged, gray-haired men, and asks them

  • ‘Produce & Perish’ – How A New Secret Deal Is A Threat To The Future Of India’s Agriculture0

    ‘Produce & Perish’ – How A New Secret Deal Is A Threat To The Future Of India’s Agriculture At a time when farmer unions are planning for a Jail Bharo protest from Aug 9 to Aug 15 seeking farm loan waiver and implementation of the Swaminathan Committee recommendation of providing 50 per cent profit over

  • Calling the Chinese Bully’s Bluff0

    DELHI – The more power China has accumulated, the more it has attempted to achieve its foreign-policy objectives with bluff, bluster, and bullying. But, as its Himalayan border standoff with India’s military continues, the limits of this approach are becoming increasingly apparent. The current standoff began in mid-June, when Bhutan, a close ally of India,

  • Social Entrepreneur on Why Data Can Help Bridge Political Chasm in Bangladesh0

    August 9, 2017 By Davey Kim It is now apparent that the age of social media has transformed public consciousness of important events. Most recently, “fake news” and other streams of misinformation spread via social media have been blamed for exacerbating a highly polarized political climate in the United States, and further impeding productive civic

  • Doklam Stand-Off Means the Current Process of Settling the China Border Has Run Its Course0

    By Manoj Joshi on 07/08/2017 The time has come for India and China to explore new institutional mechanisms for resolving their boundary dispute. The parallel processes of negotiating China’s border with India and Bhutan seems to have reached a logical end. Credit: Reuters/PTI Just how the Doklam crisis plays out is still a matter of speculation. Nearly two


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  • The Rohingyas – Inside Myanmar’s Hidden Genocide, book review

    The scale and nature of the violence unleashed by the Myanmar authorities against the Rohingya have prompted a top United Nations official to describe the operation as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” Human Rights Watch has concurred, and Amnesty International has called for an investigation into these criminal acts. The violence, underpinned by the

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