• Ban on Pak Scholars Against Open Exchange of Ideas: Asian Studies Conference Organisers0

    Ban on Pak Scholars Against Open Exchange of Ideas: Asian Studies Conference Organisers A political clearance letter from the MEA includes explicit instructions from the Indian government to not include any scholars from Pakistan at next month’s event. An image from 1947 showing the partition of books from India and Pakistan, at the Calcutta National Library.

  • Water Shortages: China’s Unrecognized Threat0

    Opinion – June 6, 2018 By Caleb Mills You’ll be hard stressed to find universal similarities in a nation populated by over a billion people, all with unique identities and cultures, spanned out over 3.705 million miles filled with diverse landscapes. But in China’s case, history has proven that nothing brings them together better than

  • What Bangladesh media failed to publish about UK parliamentary report0

    Tuesday, June 5, 2018 If you only read Bangladesh newspapers, and news websites, you might think that the recent UK parliamentary report, “Bangladesh, Burma and the Rohingya Crisis” published by the select committee on international development was full of applause for Bangladesh. This was because all the newspapers which wrote about the report – including

  • Bangladesh: Sajeeb Wazed Joy’s dictionary of new political terms0

    Thursday, June 7, 2018 Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the son of Bangladesh’s prime minister has recently published not one but two extraordinary articles which not only denies that the country’s law enforcement authorities are involved in enforced disappearances – the picking up, secretly detaining and often killing of men in Bangladesh – but also that the

  • America’s Exceptional Opportunity With India0

    by David C. Mulford Thursday, May 31, 2018 We are faced today with numerous global challenges, many extremely dangerous because they are set within the context of a changing world order. Evidence of evolution and uncertainty is all around us. After decades of leading and shaping the world which emerged from World War II, the US

  • Afghanistan: Digging Deeper 0

      June 7, 2018 Kathy Kelly Here in Kabul in early June, outside the home of several Afghan Peace Volunteers, a large drilling machine is parked on what was once a lovely garden. To this now muddy patch, workers will soon arrive for another noisy, dusty day of digging for water. The well dried up a


  • Tackling Corruption: Why Saudi Prince Mohammed’s approach raises questions0

    By James M. Dorsey Leave aside for a moment questions of due process. Analysis of  Saudi Arabia’s three largest corporate failures explains why Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s recent moves look more like a power and asset grab than a credible effort to eradicate corruption. Dependency on government contracts was at the core of the

  • Cyber Securitization: Need of the Hour for Pakistan0

    by Ahyousha Khan November 24, 2017 Security ensures survivability of a state. No state in history has survived without securing itself. However, what is security for a state is debatable. But, most states consider they are secure if their physical boundaries are intact. Nevertheless, the invention of information technology and cyberspace has considerably changed these

  • China’s One Belt One Road Initiatives: India’s Concern and Balancing Act0

      INTRODUCTION One Belt One Road (OBOR) is China’s ambitious and expansionary project announced by Chinese government led by President Xi Jinping in 2013, instantly after elected as a President of People’s Republic of China. This policy emphasized or designed to enhance connectivity and economic interaction between countries of the three continents including Asia, Europe

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  • End of Year Editorial; Evolving Political Dynamics in South Asia

    By M. Adil Khan, Guest Editor 2018 has been an eventful year for South Asia especially at the political level. During 2018 several countries in the region have had their elections and these elections have altered their political pictures. In others preparations for elections are underway and yet in others sub-national elections and their outcomes

  • 2018 Bangladesh General Election: A Time for Stock-taking and Pondering the Stakes

      By Adil Khan and Habib Zafarullah*    4 December 2018 The 2018 Bangladesh General Election scheduled on December 30, 2018 marks the end of two consecutive terms of the ruling Awami League (AL), first ever by any political party since 1991, the year a combined opposition movement against a decade long dictatorship resurrected and re-introduced

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