• Sri Lankan villagers affected by ash from coal power plant0

    • Blog
    • September 18, 2018

      Villagers claim Chinese-funded coal power plant is affecting their health and livelihoods Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant was commissioned in 2011 under the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime. Villagers claim ash emissions have become a health issue. ( photo) reporter, Norochcholai Sri Lanka September 18, 2018 Sri Lankan farmer Sebastian Fernando used to cultivate beetroot before his

  • China’s Crackdown on Muslims0

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    • September 18, 2018

    The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, or East Turkestan as preferred by some residents, is China’s largest region. The region is home to 21 million people, most of whom are Uyghurs, Kazakhs and others who share the Muslim faith. The region accounts for less than 2 percent of China’s population, yet 21 percent of all arrests

  • Indian Kashmir Shuts Down Following Weekend Bloodshed0

    • Blog
    • September 17, 2018

    Peerzada Mohammad Amin Srinagar, India 2018-09-17 Relatives wail over the body of Mukhtar Ahmad Malik, a soldier who was killed by suspected militants at his home in Indian Kashmir’s Kulgam district, Sept. 17, 2018. Sheikh Mashooq/BenarNews Separatist groups ordered shopkeepers in Indian Kashmir to close their businesses Monday to protest the killings of at least

  • India’s Economic Vision 2022 can lift living standards of South Asia0

    • Blog
    • September 17, 2018

    It is time for the neighbouring countries to realize that if India’s GDP grows at 9% in the next 20 to 30 years, then the per capita income will also rise, from US$ 1500 to US$ 7000 per annum, according to the report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which will significantly enable them to reach a higher income

  • Pakistan PM to Offer Citizenship to Afghans Born in Pakistan0

    • Blog
    • September 17, 2018

    September 16, 2018        Ayaz Gul FILE – Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks to the nation in his first televised address in Islamabad, Pakistan, Aug. 19, 2018. ISLAMABAD — Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, in an unprecedented announcement Sunday, pledged to offer Pakistani citizenship to hundreds of thousands of Afghans born to refugee families

  • US, Bangladesh hold talks on trade, labour reforms0

    • Blog
    • September 16, 2018

    The US and Bangladesh have discussed trade, digital economy and labour reforms at a key meeting here. Sep 16, 2018 WASHINGTON: The US and Bangladesh have discussed trade, digital economy and labour reforms at a key meeting here. The US-Bangladesh Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum Agreement (TICFA) Council held its fourth meeting in Washington on


  • Indian Ocean politics and Pakistan’s economic interests0

    The Indian Ocean is among the world’s largest oceans. It comprises nearly one‐fifth of the entire oceans of the world. In the west of Indian Ocean there lies Africa and Arabian Peninsula while the central Indian Ocean touches its boundaries with India’s coastal waters while on its west there stands huge range of Himalayan Mountains.

  • Optical Missile Tracking Systems and Minimum Credible Deterrence0

    By: Ahyousha Khan      12/4/2018 There was a time in human history when nuclear technology was the “it” technology; no one could imagine anything beyond it. The destruction and wrath it brought were not only terrifying but mesmerizing. It was fascinating for ordinary people, leaders, scientists and states that the smallest particle of matter

  • Employment Deprivation and Anti Quota Protest in Bangladesh0

    The last few days newspaper reports have surfaced the vicious and brutal faces of Bangladesh government screwed up with hate, thrashing and smashing students protesting against the present quota system. It has caused a stir and chaos in every corner of Bangladesh, which pressurized the Prime Minister to intervene into the issue. But don’t expect

  • State of the Contemporary World-Order and Pakistan Foreign Policy0

    The contemporary world order is in a painful transition from unipolarity to multipolarity. It is facing an unprecedented degree of dislocation in the contemporary situation since its inception after WWII. The foreign policy-discourse at international level is observing two-predominant patterns in response to this abnormal-situation (dislocation), which can best be subsumed in an agreement with

  • The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of the Politics of Middle Eastern Soccer0

    By James M. Dorsey     12/4/2018   Edited remarks at The Beautiful Game? Identity, Resentment, and Discrimination in Football and Fan Cultures conference, Center for Research on Antisemitism, Berlin, 12-13 April 2018 The virtually continuous role of soccer as a key player in the history and development of the Middle East and North Africa dating

  • Will ‘minorities’ now back Ranil for presidency, too?0

      N Sathiya Moorthy The Island, Colombo 10 April 2018  Between them, the LG polls of February and the no-trust vote of April have set the mood and mode for the presidential polls of 2020, which is not unlikely to be held by end-2019. The question is if the ‘minorities’ whose multiple political parties and their

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