• Indian Activists, Lawyers Were ‘Targeted’ Using Israeli Spyware Pegasus0

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    • October 31, 2019

    Indian Activists, Lawyers Were ‘Targeted’ Using Israeli Spyware Pegasus Most of the potential victims, who were contacted by CitizenLab researchers and WhatsApp, are people who are connected with Bhima Khoregaon controversy and other Dalit issues. Sukanya Shantha 31 October 2019 Mumbai: Over the last two years, Nagpur-based human rights lawyer Nihalsing Rathod has received calls

  • CIA-backed Afghan militias ‘kill with impunity’0

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    • October 31, 2019

    Nighttime raids by ‘death squads’ alleged by rights group By Thomas Watkins, Kabul 31 October 2019 CIA-backed Afghan paramilitary groups operating with impunity are summarily executing civilians during botched nighttime raids and are responsible for the disappearances of suspects, a rights group said Thursday. The secretive militias, whose support from America’s Central Intelligence Agency continues

  • Bangladesh to Regulate Facebook, YouTube Users, Minister Says0

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    • October 31, 2019

    By Sharif Khiam on Oct 30, 2019 The Bangladesh government plans to require its citizens to obtain licenses to use social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, and has already installed software giving it the ability to remove online content, Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar told BenarNews. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government has already faced

  • Kulbhushan Jadhav case: ‘Pakistan violated Vienna Convention, remedies are due,’ ICJ chief tells UN0

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    • October 31, 2019

    The International Court of Justice President told the UN that Pakistan was obliged to fully grant India consular access to the former Indian Navy officer. International Court of Justice President Judge Abdulqawi Yusuf told the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday that Pakistan violated its obligations under the Vienna Convention in the case of former

  • The Afghans Have to Find Their Own Way0

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    • October 31, 2019

    Viewpoint by Jonathan Power LUND, Sweden (IDN-INPS) – It’s the most repeated maxim in all the reportage on the war in Afghanistan: “The Americans have the watches, we, the Taliban, have the time.” “Play it again, Sam” was said in “Casablanca”. It should be played, said and listened to in Kabul and Washington today. This

    By IDN
  • The powerhouse that was Indira Gandhi0

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    • October 30, 2019

    Syed Badrul Ahsan October 31st, 2019 Photo: COURTESY Remembering the politician on her 35th death anniversary  In November 1971, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger kept Indira Gandhi waiting for 45 minutes in the White House, where the Indian prime minister had gone for an official meeting, scheduled earlier, with the American President.  The next day,


  • Sri Lanka: Whoever wants to become President?0

    N Sathiya Moorthy 10 June 2019  It’s becoming increasingly clear that all things politics, the Easter blasts’ probe too has been mired in personalities and individual egos, leaving aside the genuine concerns of individual communities and Sri Lanka as a nation. Yet, the presidential poll due by early January and possible before end-December is increasingly and

  • Who migrates in India? Trends in India’s out migration0

    Anmol Agarwal and Suchika Chopra 10 June 2019 India’s Economic Survey 2016-17 estimates the average annual migrants in India at a staggering 9 million since 2011, much higher than the 3.3 million figure given by multiple Censuses. While results from international studies like International Organisation for Migration suggest that the rate of internal migration in

  • India’s interests in BIMSTEC and reasons behind emphasis0

    By Raj Kumar Singh Under Modi India thinks it’s interests regionally as well as globally and this is why he had invited leaders of SAARC nations to his swearing- in ceremony when he took the oath of office on 26 May 2014, five years ago. The fact that most of the SAARC members, barring Pakistan,

  • Pakistan: Repressive Attitude of the PTI Government0

    by Mehrooj Rai 9 June 2019 The fiddle of change projecting an autocratic and oppressive approach and violating the rule of law, constitution, human rights, and democratic norms is contradictory to the vibrant dreams that people were shown before the elections last year. The Tabdeeli-sarkar comprising the non-political actors and non-elected actors signifies the government’s

  • Asian Cuisine’s Rise, and Triumph; Women who are transforming the food industry as we know it0

    by Fawad Kaiser 8 June 2019 Careers for women were once expected to follow a certain trajectory, one that involved limited leadership opportunities and the expectation to fulfil domestic and maternal roles. But these days, not only are women rising to the challenge of Britain’s top level jobs, they’re also starting their own business empires.

  • US trade war further upsets Washington’s ties with India0

    Michael Kugelman June 06, 2019 Throughout his turbulent term in office, President Donald Trump has repeatedly vowed to make US foreign policy more muscular and nationalistic. In some cases, such as building a wall on the US-Mexico border, he has suffered repeated setbacks. In others, such as his decision to hold direct talks with North

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  • Security Threats in South Asia: China’s Revised Assessment

    by Mian Hameed 1 June 2020 Wisdom in my younger life was an unknown entity to me. In due course, I was able to fine-tune a process to gain wisdom. Though I am of no consequence here, the wisdom of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has implications for India. Here, I will not


    By: Barrister Pirzada Aurang Zaib 27 May 2020 ‘You are free to go to your temples; you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of

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