• Even with a Harvard pedigree, caste follows ‘like a shadow’0

    WGBH News March 05, 2019 By Phillip Martin This article is part one of the “Caste in America” series. This series was supported by funding from the Pulitzer Center and produced in partnership with WGBH. Like many migrants to America from India, Suraj Yengde is well-educated. At 30, he has a doctorate and a masters of

  • Chinese Envoy Offered Rohingya Money to Return to Myanmar: Sources0

    By Kamran Reza Chowdhury and Sunil Barua on Mar 05, 2019 04:01 pm A Chinese government delegation met Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh, promising each refugee up to U.S. $6,000 if they returned to Rakhine state in Myanmar, a Bangladeshi official and refugee leaders said Tuesday. Sun Gouxiang, China’s special envoy for Asian Affairs, met with

  • India, Russia To Sign $3 Billion Nuclear Sub Deal This Week0

    India and Russia are set to sign a $3 billion lease agreement for a nuclear-powered attack sub on March 7, according to local media reports. By Franz-Stefan GadyMarch 05, 2019        India and Russia are expected to conclude an intergovernmental agreement for a 10-year lease of a Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) this week. The deal, estimated to


  • Sri Lanka: For JVP’s ‘missing persons’…0

    Image credit: Sunday Observer N Sathiya Moorthy  5 Augusty 2018 News reports about Srimathi Chinthrangani Wijeweera, wife of JVP’s dreaded founder, Rohana Wijeweera, filing a habeas corpus petition in the Court of Appeal for the Sri Lankan State to produce her husband, comes up with possibilities. Coming as it does 500 days after the Tamils’ protest

  • Russia Pakistan relations: economic and diplomatic dimensions0

    by Venita Christopher        3 August 2018 The warming up of the relations between Russia and Pakistan started only recently A visible tilt could be witnessed in the foreign policy of Russia towards Pakistan for some time now where Russia has been focusing on building its long-term economic, military and political relations with

  • US lead the War on Terror and the Afghan Peace0

                                  The region is known today as Afghanistan has been subjugated to a series of warfare since the Soviet occupation, till date, including the United States, led NATO, is on in full swing. Afghanistan shares its borders with multiple countries, including

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  • As an Indian, I am not proud: Amartya Sen

    August 20, 2019 Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen on Monday criticised the Narendra Modi-led administration’s decision to revoke Jammu and Kashmir’s special status and split the region into two Union Territories, NDTV reported. “I don’t think ultimately you will have any resolution in Kashmir without democracy,” the 85-year-old economist said, adding that the Centre’s decision

  • Was India Behind 2009 Border Guards Massacre in Bangladesh?

    August 17, 2019 B.Z. Khasru Public speculation by many, including the prime minister herself, termed the tragedy as an external conspiracy. One explanation for the mutiny was that the rebel soldiers opened fire on their officers when they dismissed appeals for better pay. The viciousness of the mutiny convinced many Bangladeshis that something more than

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