May 8, 2018   Leadership Transformation: The Top 10 Most Influential Leaders Of All Time CLASH OF IDEOLOGY & SPREAD OF GLOBAL INFLUENCE: HOW THINGS CHANGED F R Chowdhury Karl Marx, the philosopher of the socialist economy, was born in Trier, a small town in Germany. His philosophy was that everything belongs to the state


    N.S. Venkataraman      11/5/2018 In several conferences and seminars, one usually hears about the rapid strides made by Indian chemical industry in multiple directions and boastful talk about a breakthrough in research and development efforts and Indian entrepreneurial initiatives. However, a careful study of the ground realities would readily highlight the fact that while there

  • Malaysia: Victory to democracy, finally!0

    M A Hossain      11/5/2018 Corruption plagued Najib Razak must have been counting hours for his stepping into prison, facing numerous charges. Most possibly, he will have to remain in jail for many years – if not until the end of his life. In proverb it is said- money can buy everything. Possibly true!

  • South Asian Water Conflict0

    by Ashok Bala  11/5/2018 Introduction South Asia is a macro-geographical region wherein various countries in close geographical proximity share certain commonality of interests. These interests could incorporate a whole gamut of historical, geographical, economic, political, social and cultural aspects. In fact, it is a region where geography, history, politics, and culture are truly intertwined and

  • US withdrawal from Iran-Nuclear Deal: Impact on India0

    by Rameez Raja Mir     11/5/2018   Introduction The US President Donald Trump on May 8, 2018, announced US withdrawal from the historical 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Trump stated that the 2015 agreement which included p5+1 was a “horrible one-sided deal that should never have been made.” He further stated that the United States “will

  • Impact of CPEC on social change and capacity building in Pakistan0

    Recent decades have seen tremendous technological progress in computing and telecommunications. The contemporary world will see huge impacts of this technological development on society and policymakers. This study will specifically focus on the impacts of technological development under the China Pakistan joint development project namely China-Pakistan Economic Corridor through establishing IT Parks in Pakistan. Pakistan

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