How Hindutva socio-psychopaths rule India


by Bhabani Shankar Nayak            2 May 2021

The Hindutva socio- psychopaths are neither nationalists nor patriotic people. These medieval reactionary forces don’t understand the idea of citizenship, justice, liberty, equality, and humanism. Indian democracy is merely an electoral transaction for the Hindutva forces. Hindutva forces neither follow science nor understand the sufferings of fellow human beings. These core qualities are common among the Hindutva forces in India. Historically, fraudulent myth-making is the foundation of Hindutva ideology shaped by the RSS. The Hindutva propaganda machine detests reason and promotes imagined past and glory to reshape Indian consciousness and reorder Indian society based on Brahminical caste hierarchy. These forces portray religious minorities, women, rationalists, and human rights activists as India’s enemies. In reality, Hindutva forces are a threat to the unity and integrity of India. The state power makes them a formidable force to dominate India and Indians into a dark abyss of deaths and destitutions.

From demonetisation to the management of the Coronavirus pandemic, the pestilence of the Hindutva virus is revealing itself as an arrogant and ignorant force promoted by the Brahminical and market forces in India. The Hindutva protagonist, Mr. Narendra Modi, lacks a human conscience. His journeying from being the Gujarat CM to the PM of India post proves that he lacks compassion as a human being. His ruthless leadership is based on mass manipulation, propaganda, and threats. His leadership lacks exposer to the world of ideas. His Hindutva training in the RSS camps makes him unfit to rule modern and progressive India based on science and reason.

Hindutva socio- psychopaths look at the crisis and human distress in India today as someone else’s problem. These forces externalise everyday problems to avoid responsibilities and accountabilities of their actions. It is impossible to expect normal human reactions from the Hindutva forces to human tragedies. They neither feel nor fear the consequences of their own political, social, cultural, and religious actions that promote conflicts and crisis in India. The growing number of deaths and destitutions are Hindutva shock therapies to consolidate their reactionary ideological base by continuously capturing state power with the help of electoral democracy. The idea of citizenship and democracy means absolutely nothing to Hindutva fascists. The threats of various forms of violence are integral to Hindutva ideology. This is the core governing principle of narcissist Hindutva’s dominance over the majority of the Indian population.

The organic love cum arranges a marriage between capitalist market forces and Hindutva politics cares less about human lives and dignity. The profit of Indian millionaires and billionaires are surging faster than the spread of Coronavirus. The Modi government ensures the empowerment of the rich and disenfranchisement of the poor. The social, economic, and humanitarian crisis does not matter to the Hindutva socio- psychopaths. Crisis makes people subservient and creates a foundation for a society devoid of protection for human lives. Such a condition is fertile ground for the projects of Hindutva. The neoliberal Hindutva and its voices in media help convince people that Modi is the only alternative for our collective liberation with the help of economic growth. In reality, the billionaires’ wealth grew, and poor people lost their sources of livelihood during the Modi regime in Gujarat and Delhi.

Hindutva forces promote a specific Indian and Hindutva variety of capitalism, which is organised around politically connected entitlements based on primitive processes of profit-making at the cost of human lives, freedom, and dignity. Hindutva capitalism does not believe in the free market and egalitarian terms of trade with the free flow of free information. Such a variant of capitalism is concomitant with global capitalism. They are fraternal twins. The rise of Hindutva capitalism promotes fear, vulnerability, and ignorance to exploit the masses. It is an onslaught on science and reason. Hindutva forces are organised to promote socialisation of capitalism in India to consolidate renegade capitalist society. The uncritical liberal support to Hindutva capitalism helps in these processes. The present predicaments of Indians are not products of individual Karma but an organised principles of Hindutva governance. It is not a Hindutva failure but modes of reorganising Indian society and make it concomitant with the requirements of capitalist market forces.

Hindutva capitalism is not ill-defined as it looks. It intends to destroy all potentials of people for their creative development based on science and reason. The toxicity of neoliberal Hindutva capitalism and its narratives are socio-psychopathic dystopias. It is neither a liberation movement to uphold national glory nor a political project of collective empowerment. It is a well organised economic project of global, regional, and national capitalist classes.

The annihilating power of the Hindutva project is clearly visible. Indians experience the Hindutva myopia in their everyday lives. Hindutva governance means dominance over people and freedom for the capitalist classes in India. It is time to reverse these political and economic trends by defeating Hindutva forces permanently. It is inevitable and possible with the growth and unity of various resistance movements. The everyday resistance to Hindutva is important to break away from Hindutva capitalism. India and Indians need a sustainable mass movement to end Hindutva socio-psychopaths, who are working overtime for their capitalist brethren.  This is both short-term and alternative available for Indians to safeguard their present and future.

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