• Understanding Security Practices in South Asia

    Understanding Security Practices in South Asia0

    Monika Barthwal-Datta is a research fellow at the Centre for International Security Studies at the University of Sydney. Understanding Security Practices in South Asia: Securitization Theory and the Role of Non-State Actors weighs in at almost 200 pages, including a 40-page bibliography and more than 48 pages of extensive chapter endnotes. Ms. Barthwal-Datta’s work is

  • The Meadow

    The Meadow0

    ‘The Meadow: Kashmir 1995 — Where the Terror Began/ The story of a brutal kidnapping that marked the beginning of modern terrorism,’ by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark. Publisher: Harper Collins. For sensitive Indians, reading ‘The Meadow: Kashmir 1995’ is like walking barefoot on a hot tin roof. One might feel tempted to slide down

  • Narcopolis : A Literary Review

    Narcopolis : A Literary Review0

    Jeet Thayil’s debut novel, the deftly and aptly titled Narcopolis is—like the polis in which it takes place—part cacophony, part symphony: a whirlwind of drugs, sex, violence, loves, lives, deaths, and more than anything, stories. “Bombay,” the book begins, “which obliterated its own history by changing its name and surgically altering its face, is the

  • A Radical (and Hopeful) Approach  to the Fight Against Global Poverty

    A Radical (and Hopeful) Approach to the Fight Against Global Poverty0

    In Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty, Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo set out to convince their readers that we need not feel overwhelmed when approaching the daunting reality of global poverty. They urge us to realize that, in fact, significant progress in this ongoing battle is actually within

  • The Music Room

    The Music Room1

    The Zamindars were the feudal lords of India, aristocrats who owned huge tracts of land and collected taxes from the peasantry. They were also often philanthropists and cultural patrons, using their wealth to acquire art to enjoy and distinguish themselves. Huzur, the tragic protagonist of The Music Room, Satyajit Ray’s 1958 masterpiece, is passionate about


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