• An Urdu Epic Puts India’s Partition into Historical Perspective0

    June 8, 2019 BOOK REVIEW Aditi Sriram In February, a Pakistan-based terror group claimed responsibility for killing 40 soldiers in Indian-administered Kashmir. Both nuclear-armed nations responded with military force, while the world watched nervously. Flare-ups like these have formed an unending pattern of brinkmanship ever since the partition of British India after 1947. This is why Qurratulain Hyder’s epic novel,

  • Game Changer: Book Review1

    by Mohammad Ashraf Khwaja 7 June 2019 This book captures the journey of Shahid Afridi’s exceptional rise, his overnight and controversial fame, his weaknesses, strengths, team politics, tragedies, and most significant moments on the field, his future ambitions, political or otherwise and more importantly his shocking revelations which altogether had exposed various things on the

  • Book Review; The secular States, Religious Politics: India, Turkey and the Future of Secularism0

    by Zaboor Ahmad 20 May 2019 India and Turkey are the two leading examples of secular states in the non-secular world. Both are constitutionally secular as there is no official religion in them. However, it is different from the western conception of state-religion dichotomy. Indeed the state has acted as intrusive and regulating authority in


    by Muzamil Yaqoob 5 April 2019 At a time when Indian political scene is strained under the Right-wing populism, there is a great hue and cry around the next parliamentary elections. The performance of ruling dispensation is largely been debated and analysed on multiple parameters. The rising unemployment and jobless growth with mounting inflation are

  • Once the backbone of Middle Eastern protests, ultras are down but not out0

    By James M. Dorsey 4 March 2019 A podcast version of this story is available on Soundcloud, Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and Tumblr Ali Issa Ahmad, a British football fan, who was lingering earlier this year in jail in the United Arab Emirates for wearing a Qatari soccer jersey during the 2019 Asian Cup that

  • Sri Lanka at Crossroads – Book review0

    Unlike other great Island nations like the United Kingdom and Japan, Sri Lanka occupies a unique position as a super connector in fast developing Asia. In the ancient world known as Taprobane, under the name of the “land of the Antichthones,” was long looked upon as another world. The name was entirely unknown in Europe

  • How Maqbool Butt Passed on the Baton of Militancy in Kashmir0

    An excerpt from the book ‘The Story of Kashmir’ by David Devadas. Maqbool Butt of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front. Credit: Unknown Illustration: The Wire David Devadas’s book, The Story of Kashmir, is a comprehensive history of the geopolitics, politics, and the social and cultural changes in Kashmir since 1930. It gives a blow-by-blow account


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