• Weather and Epidemics: A strange early summer in India0

    Biswanath Dash, Ph.D. and Md. Shahid Akhter 16 April 2020 Introduction The relation between weather and disease is known since ancient times. Greek physician Hippocrates’s concept of ‘Epidemics’ described spread of disease through a population in a season. In his work around 380 BCE, he linked spread of the disease to human constitution and its

  • ‘Sayonara’ Afghanistan? A Distant Goodbye0

    By Adnan Qaiser 15 April 2020 In this first paper among a five-part discussion series on Afghanistan, Adnan Qaiser, with a distinguished career in the armed forces and international diplomacy, examines why there is more than what meets the eye in the peace-deal signed between the U.S. and the Taliban on 29 February 2020 You

  • Tabligh, Religion, and Corona4

    by Asif Ibrahim 4 April 2020 Tabligh men organised a congregation of 250,000 participants near Lahore in Pakistan on March 11, despite the request of the Pak authorities to postpone or cancel it. And they gifted the perils of Corona virus, and deaths to whole of the Muslim world from Gaza to Malaysia. They have

  • United Nations interagency Covid-19 memo: Without interventions, “upto 2 million” people may die in Bangladesh0

    Leaked UN interagency memo led by WHO predicts “complete saturation” of the health system early in the Covid-19 epidemic and “rampant” exposure of healthcare workers in Bangladesh. Netra News March 28, 2020 According to a leaked interagency United Nations (UN) memo, the Covid-19 epidemic could result in “between half a million [to] 2 million” deaths

  • Modi’s cancelled visit: Coronavirus saves the blushes for Delhi, Dhaka0

    The moment of relief for both sides, as it were, stems from the unstated, but nevertheless evident situation whereby Modi could have faced hostile protests in Dhaka that the Hasina regime was preparing meticulously to avoid, writes Mahendra Ved for South Asia Monitor By Mahendra Ved Mar 12, 2020 There are times when a calamity

  • As the Afghan peace process gets underway, reality eclipses magic0

    by William Milam March 13, 2020 Two weeks ago, as we awaited the signing of the US-Taliban Agreement which intends to ignite a peace process in Afghanistan, I wrote of the magic realism in general of US foreign policy and specifically in the agreement about to be signed. The agreement was signed on February 29

  • Bangladesh: Crackdown on Critics, Activists – HRW0

    Bangladesh  Dangerous Clampdown on Freedoms in Rohingya Refugee Camps Events of 2019 Languages Bengali English Bangladesh’s ruling Awami League government ignored calls during the year for an independent investigation into serious allegations of electoral fraud after the December 2018 national elections. Impunity for abuses by security forces, including enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings, remained pervasive.


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