• “We the People Hindus of India…”?0

        — A once-celebrated constitution is now in the danger zone Raju Rajagopal and Sunita Viswanath, Hindus for Human Rights, USA 18 October 2019 Barbara Jordan, the first African-American Congresswoman from the South, wryly reminded us during the Nixon impeachment hearings forty-five years ago that when the makers of our constitution wrote “We the people…”

  • Afghanistan’s Silent Tragedy0

    By Michael Kugelman October 17, 2019 Last week, the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan marked its 18-year anniversary. U.S. forces have now been fighting there for nearly two decades. Afghans, however, have experienced conflict for twice as long. Before U.S. troops arrived in October 2001, there was a period of Taliban rule, and that was preceded

  • India and China must deepen their relations to sustain the vision of the Asian Century0

    Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra, 12 October 2019 While the second informal meeting between India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping takes place at Mamallapuram, in the Indian city of Chennai after the two leaders met last time in China’s Wuhan in April last year, some attempts need to be considered in order

  • Abrar Fahad killing: Bangladesh student was beaten for four hours0

    9 October 2019 BBC Bangladesh student protests A Bangladeshi undergraduate student killed in his dormitory on Sunday days after criticising the government online was beaten for several hours before he died, witnesses told the BBC. Fellow students say Abrar Fahad was taken from his room around 20:00 (14:00 GMT) and beaten at least four hours.

  • India-Pak Nuclear War Would Kick Off Catastrophic Scenarios0

    By Abdus Sattar Ghazali * 10 October 2019 IDN FREMONT, California, USA (IDN) – Amid rising tension over Kashmir between the two nuclear neighbors, India and Pakistan, a new U.S. study examines how such an hypothetical future nuclear conflict would have consequences that could ripple across the globe. [Read also New Study Warns of Devastating

  • India’s migration politics will topple Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina0

    OCTOBER 10, 2019 India’s migration politics–an assertion that there are 40 million Bangladeshi migrants illegally living in India and that they must be pushed back–will morph into an explosive crisis in South Asia and destabilise the region. This is how things will unravel: India’s looming campaign to round up suspected illegal migrants and put them

  • How a Bangladeshi Army Chief Duped the US1

    September 25, 2019 B.Z. Khasru After Zia was mysteriously killed by some fellow army officers in Chittagong on May 30, 1981, the ambassador suspected that the military could take over the government. The danger of instability in the military was ripe because Ershad was not seen by his senior colleagues as the strongest military leader.


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