• China’s Water Ambitions May Leave Neighbors Dry0

    Will Peyton 13 March 2020 Will Peyton has recently completed a PhD in Chinese studies at the Australian National University and has been based in Taipei as a visiting scholar at the Center for Chinese Studies in the National Central Library. Subscribe Add to FavoriteTry out the new features! What you need to know China’s extensive dam

  • Impact of Invasive Alien Species in the Ecosystem of Sri Lanka0

    by Saanaaree Manoratne 1 January 2018 Invasive Alien Species are non-native organisms accidentally or deliberately introduced to the native ecosystem, which may adversely impact native flora and fauna. After the liberalization of Sri Lanka’s economy in 1977, foreign organisms have been introduced to the country through the horticulture, aquaculture and pet industries. Majority of these


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