• Covid 19 and The Shaking World0

    by Nipun Kalra      11 September 2020 War, hunger, and other deadly diseases will be all the more squeezing, and thoughts of social distancing may have little relationship to the lived reality. The narrative surrounding Covid-19 and its ‘extraordinary’ nature have served to disengage the masses from the exclusionary nature of basic public healthcare

  • Indian Cyber Threats and APTs Posing Challenges to Pakistan  0

    By: Basma Khalil    10 September 2020 In recent years, cyber threats, from replicating program software to a ransom-worm, have evolved into Advanced Persistent threats (APTs). These are pre-planned cyber-attacks aimed at penetrating the adversary’s central communication servers to seize or hack important information stored there. APTs are prolonged targeted attacks against a network to

  • UAE Recognition of Israel Dents Emirati Religious Soft Power0

      by James M. Dorsey    10 September 2020 The United Arab Emirates’ establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel is damaging its efforts to garner religious soft power by projecting itself as a model of Islamic moderation and tolerance and a force for peace. The UAE move has sparked splits within a key group, created

  • The Death of Democracy in Afghanistan0

    by Hafizullah Nadiri   9  September 2020 Daoud Khan, the Afghan president before the communist coup d’état, once said that he felt the happiest when he could light his American cigarettes with Soviet matches. This metaphor, I think, is important in understanding the dilemma the Third World countries were faced with during the Cold War. It

  • Women, Their Rights, and Nothing Less: The Tale of Sabarimala0

    Sabrimala temple authorities consider women of menstruating age may defile the temple by their presence and harm its purity.   by Sneha Tripathi   9 September 2020   “Culture does not make people. People make culture. If it is true that the full humanity towards women is not our culture, then we must make one.” Chimamanda

  • New inputs of party system in India0

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh    9 September 2020 Indian party system’s experiences were of co-existing with the competition but without a trace of alteration. As a result, the opposition parties confined themselves to a role quite distinctive instead of providing an alternative to the Congress Party they functioned by influencing sections within Congress. They opposed

  • Impact of Indian and Russian coziness over US and Indian defense relations: The case of S-4000

      by Maheen Shafeeq      9 September 2020 In a multipolar world, the significance of alliances to counter adversaries remains at the forefront of strategic planning. Alliances provide a comparative advantage and added strength against the adversary. Despite the commitment and value, the Indian government has given to its alliance with the United States,


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