• India Faces Tests From Its Neighbors0

    Despite a border cease-fire with Pakistan, India faces a growing set of challenges in its backyard. BY MICHAEL KUGELMAN   APRIL 1, 2021 Welcome to Foreign Policy’s South Asia Brief. The highlights this week: India’s neighborhood challenges could undermine its influence, COVID-19 cases continue to rise in India and Pakistan, and Washington excludes Islamabad from a global climate summit. If you would like to

  • Hybrid Warfare: A New Face of Conflict in South Asia0

    by Amber Afreen Abid    3 April 2021 Hybrid warfare or hybrid threat seems to be the emerging modality in the changing nature of warfare.  In the nuclear era, more attention has been given to the sub-conventional conflicts, because of the lethality of the nuclear weapons; the deterrence being created by the nuclear-weapon states prevents

  • Indian Acquisition of 30 Predator Drones and Strategic Stability in South Asia0

    By Ahyousha Khan    3 April 2021 Quite recently, on March 12, 2021, the first-ever leaders’ summit of the Quadrilateral Framework was virtually held.  During this high-level summit, the leaders from the US, India, Japan, and Australia discussed the policy regarding Indo-Pacific; a region where all these four nations consider China as their common adversary.

  • Compensation to Victims of Wrongful Prosecution: Need for Strong Legislative Intervention0

    ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan fought a battle to prove his innocence for 24 years. | PTI   by Manoj Kumar    3 April 2021 In India, the alarmingly low conviction rate in criminal trials has given rise to the concern of how the wasted life of victims and the harassment caused to the under-trial can

  • Revamping Quad: What It Means For Regional Security?0

    Khawaja Dawood Tariq     3 April 2021 After nearly a decade of inactivity, quite recently ‘Quadrilateral Security Dialogue’ (Quad) has somehow created considerable hype in the international arena. It has been flaunted by many as something resembling an attempt at make-believe Asian NATO, created to counter China. Quad has been transformed from an informal consultative

  • Locating teaching as an activity in revisiting education in India0

    by Mayank Mishra     3 April 2021 The cut-offs for admission in one of the most prestigious Delhi universities garner headlines annually. What was different this year is the normalisation of 100 percent cut-off on different subjects in top colleges. The competition getting fiercer can be attributed to the phenomenon where around 500 odd students

  • To stay, or not to stay: US’s Afghan peace deal0

    Informal settlements in Kabul Afghanistan on a hill. Shutterstock by Rajarshi Chakraborty       3 April 2021 Following so many speculations on the Afghan peace deal, US president Joe Biden has taken a completely different path in one of the most compound foreign policy challenges of the US government. In a secret letter to Asraf


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