• Making voting both simple and secure is a challenge for democracies1

    Making voting both simple and secure is a challenge for democracies The US compares relatively poorly with equivalent countries when it comes to voter registration. Reuters/Bria Hall Pippa Norris, Harvard University; Sarah Cameron, University of Sydney, and Thomas Wynter, University of Sydney Recent elections around the world have raised concerns about the procedures used for

  • Demonetization and GST: Is not Indian economy failing under Modi government?0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal ———- Apparently, Indian PM Modi has managed to pump into Indian mindset, badly crushed by the Congress era corruption cum arrogance, a lot of empty optimism as he fed the people with empty promises. He knows that mere promises but with conviction are enough to get their votes, in the absence

  • The Xiamen Bonhomie: Underscoring BRICS Triumphalism and Pragmatism0

    The Ninth BRICS Summit at Xiamen, China on 4 September 2017 has surprised the whole world with an unprecedented outcome. There were imaginations across the world of two major leaders of India and China not even seeing each other and exchanging pleasantries. The meet has surpassed and astounded even the expectation of the policymakers, thinkers,

  • Anti-government statements, not sedition: Indian Supreme Court!0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal _____ Today most governments are increasingly intolerant of the public criticism of their misgovernance and corruption. The critics are attacked – India claiming to be the largest secular democracy in the world suffers badly on that count. Many critics face notorious seduction charges and are in jail because of their conviction

  • Nuclear Politics and Strategy in South Asia0

    by Asma Khalid Strategic framework of South Asia is comprised of the bipolar equation between India-Pakistan, inter-connected with Regional Security complex and other Major Powers. It is considered that in South Asia: peace and stability being with a Nuclear weapon. Nuclear arsenals are characterized as the great equalizer and ultimate tool to counter adversary’s present

  • Surgical Strikes and Deterrence Stability in South Asia0

    by Ahyousha Khan In April 2017, India announced its Joint Military Force Doctrine to counter “full spectrum of Military Conflicts.” One of the significant developments in this doctrine is Indian infatuation of “surgical strikes” with the usage of this term first time in September 2016. It was claimed that surgical strike strategy was opted to

  • Islam & Muslims in the 21st Century by Abdus Sattar Ghazali (2017); Book Review0

    By Habib Siddiqui In 1978 Professor Edward Said’s book – Orientalism – was published. It was a groundbreaking critique of the West’s historical, cultural, and political perceptions of the East by the (late) Columbia University professor. Nearly four decades after its first publication, the book remains a modern classic. In this wide-ranging, intellectually vigorous study,


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