• Double-edged sword: Opinion poll shows Trump’s Iran policy risks0

    By James M. Dorsey   3/2/2018 US President Donald J. Trump’s inclination to withdraw from a three-year old international agreement that curbs Iran’s nuclear program is likely to strengthen the country’s hardliners even if the withdrawal would put responsibility for mounting economic and social discontent squarely on the shoulder of President Hassan Rouhani’s government. That is

  • Modi government has turned India into a medieval Hindu fundamentalist nation0

    By Gaurav Tyagi    1/2/2018 India celebrated its 69th Republic day on 26th January. The political party BJP currently holds power at the center as well as in the majority of Indian provinces. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh provinces governed by BJP moved the Supreme Court of India for a recall of its January 18th order

  • Academics fear Sri Lanka megaprojct will hit environment0

    Critics claim Port City will worsen flooding and coastal erosion as sand is dredged for land reclamation Sri Lankan academics have criticized a lack of environmental protection in the island nation’s massive Chinese-funded Port City project. They gathered on Jan. 27 at the Cardinal Cooray Center in Negombo. (ucanews.com photo) ucanews.com reporter, Colombo, Sri Lanka, January

  • Tackling Pakistani madrassas: An uphill struggle0

      By James M. Dorsey    31/1/2018 This is an edited version of remarks by James M. Dorsey at the launch in Islamabad on 30 January 2018 of ‘The Role of Madrassas: Assessing Parental Choice, Financial Pipelines and Recent Developments in Religious Education in Pakistan and Afghanistan,’ an extensive study by three Pakistani think tanks

  • Nepal trusts India much less than China!0

    – Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal      30/1/2018 Like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, Nepal is also, in recent years, tilted towards China, especially for economic, rather than military or even strategic reasons although all of them have made any collative effort on any regional or international issues. Nepal, the landlocked country, which is surrounded

  • Moderating Saudi Islam: Government Proposes Tightening Fundraising Rules0

    By James M. Dorsey        30/1/2018 A Saudi draft law could constitute a first indication that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s vow to return the kingdom to a moderate form of Islam will some reshaping of the kingdom’s global funding for Sunni Muslim ultra-conservative educational and cultural facilities as well as militants. The

  • Hate crime: A new norm in India0

    by Muzamil Yaqoob    29/1/2018 In their charge sheet filed in the court of the Rajsamand chief judicial magistrate on Friday, police stated Regar linked Afarajul’s death to love jihad, Article 370, Islamic terrorism so that his illicit relations with the woman would not be discovered. (HT: 15 Jan 2018). The half-burned body of Muslim


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