• Book Review: Conflict Management in Kashmir; State-People Relations and Peace0

      Author Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra Cambridge University Press, 2018. pp 175  ISBN-13: 978-1108423892  ISBN-10: 9781108423892 by Ahmad Zaboor  12 August 2020 Mahapatra’s book is an autopsy of the intersections of political violence, deprivation, and conflict with special reference to Kashmir. It examines the vertical aspect of the conflict, in which the Indian State and a section of

  • Indo–Nepal boundary dispute: What dominate the Indian perspective?  0

      by Anurug Chakma    12 August 2020 The recent Indo–Nepal border dispute, which analysts describe as a “cartographic war” between the two countries, can be conceived as the result of tit-for-tat policy. With unanimous support from the parliament and all the Nepalese political parties including India’s old allies Tarai-based parties, Nepal recently published a


    by Rabia Javed       12 August 2020 Kashmir is the real theatre of unspeakable violence and moral corrosion that can spin us into violence and nuclear war at any moment. To prevent that from happening, the conflict in Kashmir has to be addressed and resolved. That can only be done if Kashmiris are given

  • South Asia: Searching For Humanity In The Age Of Madness0

    There are three themes that define the world we live in Madness, Hatred, and Hope. Madness Bernard-Henri Levy, the French celebrity philosopher, has coined the phrase for the period in which we are living as the age of madness. The coronavirus, he has argued, is revealing the fault- lines that divide society. We in South

  • A New Beginning for Bangladesh: The Legacy of Ziaur Rahman,1975-19810

      by Taj Hashmi*    11 August 2020 The August coup of 1975, that killed Mujib and most family members and toppled his one-party rule was as inevitable as monsoon rain after weeks of sweltering heat in Bangladesh. Mujib’s one-party dictatorship – his “personal dictatorship …. to convert the country into a personal fiefdom for

  • Book review – Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India, by Shashi Tharoor0

      by Shashi Tharoor, Scribe Publications, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 201, 294 pg, Paperback, $17.95, ISBN: 978-1-9475-3430-8 by Arnold Zeitlin    10 August 2020 Shashi Tharoor is an angry Indian. He is bitter at the British as he outlines their more than two centuries of exploiting Indian resources and people, then departing hastily in 1947 to permit

  • Controlled media in India spreading fake reports about Nepal0

      An image in the Times of India depicting the Nepal PM as the problem and not India   by Hari Prasad Shrestha      7 August 2020 There is a major hidden cause behind the bitter relationship of India with almost all its neighbors. The retired club of seasoned Indian bureaucrats of the Ministry


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