• Indian Pursuit of Disruptive Technologies and Its Implications on Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia0

    By Ahyousha Khan 23 September 2020 The term disruptive technology was first coined by a Harvard Business School Professor, Clayton Christensen in his book “The Innovator Dilemma”. According to the book, disruptive technologies could revolutionize the specific fields in which they are to be adopted. However, disruptive technologies also come with many risks attached because

  • Maldives: After defence pact with US, India needs to check over-crowding of Indian Ocean strategic space0

      There is a real possibility of the neighbourhood Indian Ocean waters getting over-crowded sooner or later with defence pacts and multiple navies crisscrossing one another.  N Sathiya Moorthy   22 September 2020  After the recent Maldives-US defence pact, though between two friendly nations, India may have to consider the medium and long-term implications of

  • Perils of power in wounded old civilizations0

    By Asanga Abeyagoonasekera*   23 September 2020   In Making India Great: The Promise of a Reluctant Global Power, Aparna Pandey writes that ‘India has yet to find the balance between philosophical debates and conversation on practical matters. Getting carried away by emotions about other people’s beliefs or views on history often comes in the way of determining

  • The lynching of democracy in India0

      by Bhabani Shankar Nayak    21 September 2020 Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi is a consummated practitioner of remorseless Hindutva politics of hate. He does not spare a moment to capture the headlines with his diversionary tactics, which makes him one of the sharpest managers of media and the prime master of propaganda. The Hindutva

  • Decoding Nature’s Warning On Environment From COVID 190

    by Shelal Lodhi Rajput    20 September 2020   Introduction The only thing that can remain static with the time is change, the phrase exactly depicts the current situation of the environment. Till April 2019 we can’t even think that we get to see an environment like, that we are witnessing today. Mankind has been

  • BOOK REVIEW: Comparative Political Systems (Bangladesh, Dhaka: Century Publications, 2019)0

      Emdadul Haq: Professor & Chair: Department of General & Continuing Education (GCE), North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2010 – till to date Comparative Political Systems, Bangladesh, Dhaka: Century Publications, 2019 xiii+258 pp., 499 Taka, ISBN#978-984-34-5824-7   Reviewed by: Saleh Shahriar, Ph.D.    19 September 2020 According to Aristotle who engaged in the earliest comparative methods

  • AI-Based COVID-19 Apps and Data Privacy0

        by Zaheema Iqbal*    18 September 2020 The unprecedented threat from the COVID-19 has pushed multiple tech giants and public health authorities to leverage Artificial Intelligence and develop various apps necessary to curb the virus across the globe. These AI-based apps helped world economies to trace, test, trial, and treat COVID-19 patients successfully.


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