• Food Politics: Food and Hindutva0

    by Yuvraj Trivedi    1 July 2020 In his essay “Gastro-Politics in Hindu South Asia”, Appadurai points to how a “fundamental fact” about food is that it has the power to evoke strong emotional responses (Appadurai, p.494). This is not only true for an individual’s private space, in which food can evoke a range of

  • Book review: Dying to Serve: Militarism, Affect, and the Politics of Sacrifice in the Pakistan Army0

      ISBN-13: 978-1503611986 ISBN-10: 1503611981 by Maria Rashid Stanford University Press, Stanford California, paperback, 267 pgs. $28 by Arnold Zeitlin    30 June 2020 Dying to Serve: Militarism, Affect, and the Politics of Sacrifice in the Pakistan Army, by Maria Rashid, Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, paperback, 267 pgs. $28, ISBN: 978-1-5036-1198-6 Psychologist Maria Rashid has produced

  • Indo-China Conflict: Is it Geopolitics Or Geo-Economics?0

      by Mohammad Imran Hossain     30 June 2020 The recent skirmish between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the line of control raised questions in the international media that that could trigger a border dispute and may turn into a large-scale military conflict between the two nuclear powers and may lead to long term regional

  • Indian sub-continent sets to improve in the journo-murder index0

        by Nava Thakuria   30 June 2020 As the pandemic year 2020 rolls on, Indian subcontinent sets to improve in its journo-murder index with only two casualties this year to date. The first half of the year witnessed the murder of one scribe each in Pakistan and India for their journalistic works, whereas Bangladesh,

  • Has ‘Big Brother’ India failed to perceive the people’s voice?0

    by M A Hossain 29 June 2020 India and China, the two nuclear-armed Asian giants were in a significant escalation of a weeks-long standoff at Galwan valley in the western Himalayas. Nepalese people are becoming furious with India as regards transgression of borders demarcation. Pakistan has intensified border skirmishes along with Jammu and Kashmir border.

  • Intra-Afghan peace; A potential stimulant for Afghanistan’s domestic revenues0

    by Hamayun Khan    29 June 2020 On February 2, 2020 the United States and the Taliban reached peace deal, which opened doors were for the intra-Afghan talks – currently being put on hold. As per the US-Taliban peace deal, the USA has to outset withdrawal of its troops within the next 14 months. This

  • Syllogism: China, India and the United States0

      by Mian Hameed     29 June 2020 To assist with the concept of logical syllogism (deductive reasoning), in which a conclusion can pose a problem, and a conclusion from the same evidence and premise may differ among people with different ideologies. The conclusion at times from “delusions” may not be true if the premise


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