• Doklam Stand-Off Means the Current Process of Settling the China Border Has Run Its Course0

    By Manoj Joshi on 07/08/2017 The time has come for India and China to explore new institutional mechanisms for resolving their boundary dispute. The parallel processes of negotiating China’s border with India and Bhutan seems to have reached a logical end. Credit: Reuters/PTI Just how the Doklam crisis plays out is still a matter of speculation. Nearly two

  • Maldives: Urgent need to revisit Constitution again?0

    N Sathiya Moorthy www.orfonline.org 8 August 2017 With the course of politics reaching a point-of-no-return, and the near-decade-long experience with the ‘pro-democracy’ Constitution of 2008 not ensuring cure for the nation’s ‘autocracy’ ills, there may be an urgent need for reviewing the same without further loss of time. How it should be gone about could become yet-another-point

  • Joint Cricketism: Indo-England imposes will on Sri Lanka and South Africa! Or do bowlers resort to false bowling to promote bat boys?0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Sri Lankan government is indeed thrilled to see that finally, India offered a full 100 to one of the Lankan bat boys. In fact, Lankans did not expect such a turnaround luck was smiling on them as only they are supposed to offer 100s and more to Indian guests. Did Lankan

  • Aspects Of Islam In Asia0

    By Dr. Mohamed Chtatou An in-depth analysis on how Islam arrived in three different regions of the Asian continent and is now perceived and lived by the local populations, with a common denominator being the purity of their belief and the strong identification they have towards Islam. Part 1: Background A law of physics states

  • Myanmar: It’s High Time For Stopping The Slow-Burning Genocide0

    By Dr. Habib Siddiqui Every day I receive dozens of emails. Most of these emails (at least 30) are about Myanmar’s inhuman treatment of the minorities. It is simply depressing to read the sad stories of their extermination, aptly termed the slow-burning genocide by Dr. Maung Zarni, a fellow human rights activist. Who would have

  • Nepal: Rising Uncertainty Over Constitution Implementation0

    By Hari Prasad Shrestha There is some truth that there is discrimination of the Madheshi, residents of the plains of Nepal, but the majority of hill indigenous and mountain people are comparatively more discriminated than the Madheshis. The discrimination of the Madheshis is not the voice of original residence of Terai, who have been there

  • The Reliance 4G Scam – #JioYaMaro0

    Ambani acquired nationwide 4G spectrum at 1/10th of the Rs 1,76,000 Crores expected from the 2G auctions, without as much of a whimper of a protest. By GGI News Staff July 17, 2017 Ask anyone in India, what was “2G Scam”, and you will be told how the 2G spectrum was given away for a


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