• Army Can Never Be Solution To Kashmir Problem0

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    • December 20, 2016

    By Nishant Rajeev* The September 18, 2016 Uri terror attack has possibly changed the course of India-Pakistan relations for years to come. It was the single largest loss of life suffered by the Indian Army since the Kargil war. But the events that followed Uri were of greater significance. The Indian Army crossed the LoC

  • Will new leadership continue with Jayalalithaa’s policy priorities?0

    N Sathiya Moorthy  How the post-Jayalalitha leadership of new Chief Minister O Panneerselvam takes forward her initiatives remains to be seen It’s not only in the political arena that the demise of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa be felt for a long time to come. In the larger area of policy-formulation too, it would be

  • Corruption: A Legacy Not Easy To Give Up For Bangladesh0

    Kazi Mukitul Corruption, an infamous and recognised evil, remains a major challenge to socio-economic development in Bangladesh. From the title of champion in corruption in the early 2000s, the country’s progress in fighting the evil is still mediocre, compared to pompous claims by the policy makers. Bribe given to different government sectors is equivalent to

  • Burma: Military Burned Villages in Rakhine State0

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    • December 14, 2016

    Witnesses and Satellite Imagery Reveal Pattern of Burnings (New York) – Satellite imagery and interviews with refugees place responsibility for burnings of Rohingya villages in Burma’s Rakhine State squarely with the Burmese military, Human Rights Watch said today. Since October 9, 2016, at least 1,500 buildings have been destroyed, driving thousands of ethnic Rohingya from their

  • For Whom All Does The Bell Tolls, When, Why And For How Long?0

    N. Sathiya Moorthy The Holiday Season sets the mood for rejoicing and relaxing, but anyone in his senses and decision-making positions in this country cannot be doing that. But even during the long years and decades of ethnic war(s), Sri Lanka was not known to have taken a holiday from those holidays, just as the

  • 45 years after the war, Dhaka is yet to shake off its legacy of disappearances

    45 years after the war, Dhaka is yet to shake off its legacy of disappearances0

    Image credit: Wikimedia Commons From the killing of intellectuals in the final days of the 1971 war to the abduction of political activists in 2013, nothing has changed David Bergman Forty-five years ago in 1971, between December 10 and December 15, 17 academics, journalists and doctors were picked up from their homes in Dhaka and killed.

  • Rohingya Tragedy and Aung San Suu Kyi’s ‘Buddy’ Solution

    Rohingya Tragedy and Aung San Suu Kyi’s ‘Buddy’ Solution0

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    • December 11, 2016

      At a local mosque, men and boys join in Friday prayer, an important weekly practice for the Muslim Rohingyas at the IDP camp. In 2012, sectarian violence between the Rohingyas — who are Muslim — and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists killed at least 200 people and made 140,000 homeless, most of them Rohingyas. Photo courtesy

  • Jayalalithaa – A Woman’s era (1948-2016)

    Jayalalithaa – A Woman’s era (1948-2016)0

    I don’t find it easy to write. Words wouldn’t come, or if they do, they are not the right words. I am probably just one of the millions of mourners who is in the process of realizing human mortality. These are sad times indeed for a great Indian life have come to an end. She

  • A Global Nuclear Winter: Avoiding the Unthinkable in India and Pakistan

    A Global Nuclear Winter: Avoiding the Unthinkable in India and Pakistan0

      As Donald Trump ascends to the White House, he’s wading into the most dangerous conflict on the globe. By Conn Hallinan, December 8, 2016. President-elect Donald Trump’s off the cuff, chaotic approach to foreign policy had at least one thing going for it, even though it was more the feel of a blind pig

  • Sufis in Pakistan: Missionaries, Warriors or Statesmen?

    Sufis in Pakistan: Missionaries, Warriors or Statesmen?0

    Nikita Singla Every Thursday in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, home to the second largest Muslim population in the world, the nation witnesses celebration of its popular Sufi culture. There are gatherings at the shrine, there is music, there is dance and there is Qawwali. The festival of ‘urs’, Arabic word for marriage, symbolizes the

  • Unresolved issues0

    Javeed Bin Nabi Ever since 1947 partition of British India, Kashmir has always dominated the regional and national psyche. The partition of British India which divided the subcontinent into two big ideologies, cultures and created two rival countries and vying for control over Kashmir has caused immense damage to the economy of Kashmir as well

  • A Brief History of Arakan: From Kingdom to a Colony

    A Brief History of Arakan: From Kingdom to a Colony0

      Abid Bahar On December 31st, 2011, Arakanese Diaspora marked its 227th anniversary of the fall of the great Arakanese medieval kingdom. Arakan’s powerful kingdom was established by King Noromikhla. Arakanese nationals didn’t forget, in 1784 Burmese king Budapaya sent a large army led by his son who mercilessly razed the city to ground and

  • New Constitution: Who’s To Bell The Rajapaksas?

    New Constitution: Who’s To Bell The Rajapaksas?0

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    • December 5, 2016

    In a recent meeting with all 16 TNA parliamentarians, President Maithripala Sirisena is reported to have promised to ask Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to discuss upcoming constitutional reforms with predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa. It seems to flow from the perception that the Joint Opposition (JO) identifying with the Rajapaksas are opposed to basic changes, be it

  • Modi’s Politics of Water War

    Modi’s Politics of Water War0

    Recently, the distribution of water between two Indian states Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has become a source of conflict over water divide, sweltering both into flames. This issue is India’s internal matter regarding water distribution from the river Cauvery. Riots also erupted when Supreme Court of India ordered to divert some water from Cauvery to


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