• Forces Behind The partition

    Forces Behind The partition0

    Book review: Indian Summer by Alex von Tunzelmann Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire Author: Alex von Tunzelmann Henry Holt & Company 401 pp Released: 2007   Alex Von Tunzelmann, a British scholar in her path breaking book Indian summer, the secret history of the end of an empire is

  • India’s strategic shift to counter Sino-Pak relations

    India’s strategic shift to counter Sino-Pak relations0

    India’s commitment to non-alignment and reluctance to join the Western bloc made its relations with the United States (US) fragile and ambiguous. Suspicions, political mind-sets and mistaken ideologies are residues of the cold war period that further increased the hollowness of this relationship. On the other hand, New Delhi always struggled with the challenges of

  • Impending disaster of Baluchistan to Pakistan

    Impending disaster of Baluchistan to Pakistan0

    Pakistan to all intents and purposes, was indeed carved out on the underpinnings of religion from its womb called Hindustan in which Islam was said to play a unifying role. But Pakistan that emerged has been ethnically and linguistically an amalgam of complex states. Pashtun’s and Punjabi’s are scattered along length and breadth of country

  • India, US and Emerging South Asia

    India, US and Emerging South Asia0

    Why should the US claim that India is its friend and partner in South Asia and yet initiate processes that are not India-friendly, particularly when other friends and allies of the kind from the West on the one hand, and East and South-East Asia on the other, have experienced an entirely different American treatment all

  • Bleeding Manipur: The Armed Forces Special Powers Act must be repealed

    Bleeding Manipur: The Armed Forces Special Powers Act must be repealed0

    The Supreme Court of India, some time ago, appointed a three-member Commission led by Justice Santosh Hegde to look into the problem of extrajudicial executions in Manipur. The Commission did not include a single woman despite the fact that violence against women by the state machinery is a significant problem in Manipur. The “Extrajudicial Execution

  • Democracy is the only way forward for progress

    Democracy is the only way forward for progress0

    Myanmar, earlier known as Burma, was a Buddhist kingdom until 1885 when the Burmese were defeated by the British-Indian troops. Burma was ruled as a province of British India until 1937 when it was given the status of a state under the British crown. Britain granted independence to Burma in 1948. The country has an

  • Sri Lanka elections offer opportunities and challenges

    Sri Lanka elections offer opportunities and challenges0

    Peace is not just the absence of war. Peace is the pervasive presence of justice and respect for the universal values of human liberty, dignity and mutual tolerance in a society. A historical background The tiny teardrop-shaped island once called Ceylon, washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean and carpeted by undulating swathes of

  • Karachi security imperative for Pakistan

    Karachi security imperative for Pakistan0

    Karachi – once a vibrant metropolis – is the largest city of Pakistan and home to more than 23.5 million people. The city has an area of 3,527 square kilometers, and is known as the commercial capital of the country. The cosmopolitan city boasts 68% of the revenue share of the country in various sectors.

  • India yesterday, India today

    India yesterday, India today1

    Ye daagh daagh ujaalaa, ye shab-gaziida sahar, Vo intizaar tha jiska, ye vo sahar to nahin, Yeh woh sahar to nahi jiski aarzoo lekar Chale the yaar ke mil jayegi kahin na kahin –  Faiz Ahmad Faiz This stain-covered daybreak, this night-bitten dawn This is not that dawn of which there was expectation This is

  • The last great Mughal emperor: An appraisal

    The last great Mughal emperor: An appraisal0

    There has been much debate recently and it is among those everlasting historical debates that become victims of twisted discourse and are then molded to fit into biased narratives. The debate now is the one about the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. The recent change of nomenclature of an important road hitherto named as “Aurangzeb Road” in

  • EU and its policy on human rights in South Asia

    EU and its policy on human rights in South Asia0

    European integration is an example of the consolidation of ethnic diversity under one roof. This consolidation was not done on the cast of extinction or humiliation of one group and promotion of other, but a guarantee of respectful and dignified life of individuals as well as existence of different groups. On the other hand, the

  • A multi-faceted history of life and lifestyle

    A multi-faceted history of life and lifestyle0

    Book Review: Bangladesh Maritime History by Ghulam M. Suhrawardi. The publication of this book fills a void in a section of Bangladesh’s multifaceted commercial and social history. Without improvement of maritime transport, it can be assuredly stated, trade and indeed civilizations in various regions of the world would not have developed. This book, in effect,

  • Positive Liberty’ is the Answer in India

    Positive Liberty’ is the Answer in India0

    The problem of growing intolerance in India was discussed in the Parliament in this Winter Session as a pressing national concern that tampered with the fabric of peaceful co-existence, which is a vital determining characteristic of the Indian state. In modern Indian politics, the word ‘intolerance’ can be construed as an umbrella term that encompasses

  • Modi’s Visit to Bangladesh and South Asian Perspectives

    Modi’s Visit to Bangladesh and South Asian Perspectives0

    Romance scored an undeniable victory over reality as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi left Bangladesh on June 7 with his mission amply fulfilled so far as India was concerned. However, on the other hand, the captivating siren notes of engaging friendship and high hopes threatened to subside into whimpering hopelessness for Bangladesh in the


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