• Jayalalithaa – A Woman’s era (1948-2016)

    Jayalalithaa – A Woman’s era (1948-2016)0

    I don’t find it easy to write. Words wouldn’t come, or if they do, they are not the right words. I am probably just one of the millions of mourners who is in the process of realizing human mortality. These are sad times indeed for a great Indian life have come to an end. She

  • A Global Nuclear Winter: Avoiding the Unthinkable in India and Pakistan

    A Global Nuclear Winter: Avoiding the Unthinkable in India and Pakistan0

      As Donald Trump ascends to the White House, he’s wading into the most dangerous conflict on the globe. By Conn Hallinan, December 8, 2016. President-elect Donald Trump’s off the cuff, chaotic approach to foreign policy had at least one thing going for it, even though it was more the feel of a blind pig

  • Modi’s Politics of Water War

    Modi’s Politics of Water War0

    Recently, the distribution of water between two Indian states Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has become a source of conflict over water divide, sweltering both into flames. This issue is India’s internal matter regarding water distribution from the river Cauvery. Riots also erupted when Supreme Court of India ordered to divert some water from Cauvery to

  • Democracy in Disarray in Afghanistan; Disunity in the Unity Government

    Democracy in Disarray in Afghanistan; Disunity in the Unity Government0

    By Chayanika Saxena Democracy was ‘restored’ in Afghanistan following decades of violence and conflicts. Where violent uprisings against the invading Soviet Union by the Mujahedeen wrecked the rural areas of Afghanistan, the Civil War that followed between the various Mujahedeen factions wreaked havoc on Kabul and other major provincial capitals in Afghanistan. The rule of

  • Kashmir’s new Uprising: Death of Indian Narratives

    Kashmir’s new Uprising: Death of Indian Narratives0

    The current Uprising termed by some as “Kashmir’s New-Intifada” has completed its hundred days. The death toll reached over a hundred, the number of injured crossed fifteen thousand and some eleven hundred youth lost either full or partial eyesight. More than six thousand people have been arrested so far. Separatist Leaders have also been put

  • Donald Trump’s Defence Plans and Implications for Asia

    Donald Trump’s Defence Plans and Implications for Asia0

    As US President-elect Donald Trump is preparing to secure his seat in The White House, international observers and many of his fellow countrymen are busy trying to understand the complex and unpredictable dynamic that has been the unusual characteristic of these American presidential elections. For security analysts the world over, political rhetoric matters little when

  • Unfolding Nuclear Supplier Group

    Unfolding Nuclear Supplier Group0

    In the early 70’s Indian tests created unrest in the Asian region. These experiments by Indians forced the international community to make a regulatory body to keep a check on nuclear business in the name of Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG). Since the beginning of this year, this NSG debate is getting INTO more despicable situation


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