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    M Waqas Jan

    M Waqas Jan is a Senior Research Associate at the Strategic Vision Institute, a non-partisan think tank based out of Islamabad. He can be reached at waqas@thesvi.org

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  • India Amidst the Follies of a Winnable Nuclear War0

    by M Waqas Jan 14 September 2019 As tensions between India and Pakistan simmer over the deteriorating situation in Kashmir, the ever-present specter of nuclear war continues to dominate present discourse. This has been apparent in the way both India and Pakistan have continued to leverage the threat of using nuclear weapons at each other,

  • Does an Ambiguous Indian Nuclear Stance Benefit Anyone?1

    by M Waqas Jan 26 August 2019 The recent escalation in India-Pakistan tensions resulting from the deteriorating human rights situation in Kashmir has since its outset carried the threat of spiraling into the realm of the nuclear question. With both India and Pakistan having already fought three full-fledged wars and a series of medium to

  • Gambling with the Nuclear Button in South Asia0

    by M Waqas Jan 15 July 2019 Over the last decade, India’s rapid expansion of its conventional and nuclear arms capabilities have presented a worrying dilemma concerning the South Asian region’s security and stability. This holds especially true considering how its clear ambitions to translate its economic rise into a menacing projection of hard-power have


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