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    Khawaja Dawood Tariq

    The author is a Senior Research Fellow at the Strategic Vision Institute. He can be reached at Twitter handle @dtarriq for social media outreach.

Author's Posts

  • Revamping Quad: What It Means For Regional Security?0

    Khawaja Dawood Tariq     3 April 2021 After nearly a decade of inactivity, quite recently ‘Quadrilateral Security Dialogue’ (Quad) has somehow created considerable hype in the international arena. It has been flaunted by many as something resembling an attempt at make-believe Asian NATO, created to counter China. Quad has been transformed from an informal consultative

  • From Geo-politics to Geo-economics: Pakistan’s Strategic Shift?0

    Pakistan’s priorities have shifted from geo-political to geo-economic, says Qureshi   by Khawaja Dawood Tariq    18 March 2021 Something seems changed in Islamabad. Multiple statements have been made by Pakistani civilian and military leadership that manifests this change. Quite recently, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister has asserted that “Pakistan has shifted its priorities from geo-politics to geo-economics.”


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