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    Sudhanshu Tripathi

    Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi is professor of Political Science, UPRTOU, Allahabad (UP), INDIA

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  • Understanding Life and Universe: Past-life Regression, Hypnotherapy & AI help?0

    By Sudhanshu Tripathi      31 December 2021 Whether or not it is possible to deduce empirical knowledge – howsoever limited or extensive it may be otherwise – so as to rationalize the results pertaining to internal revelations or intuitions regarding the non-material world, comprising spirits and souls or journey of souls after the death

  • India’s Foreign Policy vis-a-vis European & Non-European Intellectual Traditions   0

    by Sudhanshu Tripathi      23 October 2021 Indeed, India’s foreign policy occupies a distinguished place in international relations due to its persistent commitment and adherence towards eternal and universal moral values. That reflects its overall peace-loving and humanitarian outlook which largely underscores the salient characteristics of both Western & Non-Western Intellectual Traditions. In fact,

  • How to comprehend terrorism?0

    by Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi    23 September 2021 How to comprehend terrorism? Because the issue is concerned with the very existence or survival of the human race as the continuing gory violence or such brutal acts particularly in the present age of nuclear weapons, cyber warfare and bio-weapons may create a situation where no one

  • Press freedom in India: Arnab Goswami-investigative journalism vis-a-vis state vengeance!  0

    Arnab Goswamy (Photo courtesy- social media) The Bombay High Court has refused to grant bail to Arnab Goswami, editor-in-chief of Republic TV.   by Sudhanshu Tripathi         11 November 2020 One can easily remember the wisdom of George Orwell as reflected in his memorable words: ‘Ours is an age of democracy.’ As obvious,

  •  India-Vietnam comprehensive relations witness a major upswing!0

    by Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi      17 September 2020 As is quite visible that most of the states in the Indo-Pacific region viz Vietnam, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and others are working closely with India on social, economic, and security fronts. Among prominent ASEAN and RCEP states, India-Vietnam cooperation has recently witnessed a landmark upswing.

  • India’s new global identity: Magnanimity prevails over Notoriety!0

    by Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi 16 April 2020 While the global pandemic due to Corona virus has vigorously  shaken most of prominent major powers like America, England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain to name a few, it has once again underscored the fact of eastward shifting global geopolitics in the world. Unfortunately, while China in the

  • A-reason, Pre-occupied rationalities, Paralogism, Detached-self vis-à-vis Analysing Terrorism0

    by Sudhansu Tripathi 8 April 2020 While analysing terrorism, one comes across a peculiar state of a-reason or pre-occupied rationalities which is a situation of paralogism where a fallacious argument or reasoning appears superficially logical wherein even most unnatural and macabre acts of brute violence run afoul of what is reasonable and socially acceptable. It

  • A phenomenon called Narendra Modi!0

    by Sudhansu Tripathi 26 September 2019 In fact the whole world, except Pakistan and China, looks at India’s PM Narendra Modi with deep respect, charisma or even surprise. This is so particularly because his continuous rising profile has mesmerized the entire global community. This is proved again on 22 September, 2019 in Houston in “Howdy,

  • Looming crisis in West Asia?0

    by Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi 21 September 2019 West Asia or Middle East is once again passing through grave dangers due to emerging Riyadh-Washington-Tel Aviv axis in the wake of Iran’s aggression over Riyadh oil infrastructures recently. Evidently, the consequent scenario in West Asia is becoming increasingly grim as it continues to be the burning cauldron,

  • Pitra-Paksha: Remembrance & Observance for Forefathers0

    Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi 17 September 2019 The fortnight period just prior to auspices Sharadiya Navaratri every year happens to be equally pious as this period is called as Pitra Paksha or a period of two weeks meant for remembering our deceased parents and forefathers and also extending our due service as living mortals according to

  • A Giant Leap Forward?0

    by  Sudhanshu Tripathi              8 September 2019                             Despite continuing failure into regaining contact with the lost Moon lander Vikram of the Chandrayan-2, just short of 2.1 km away from Moon’s surface at South Pole, the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) distinctly ambitious project can’t be termed as a failure. Because it is the world’s first indigenous

  • Jammu and Kashmir: Kashmiriat vs. seperatism0

    by Sudhanshu Tripathi 11 August 2019 Unusual situations mostly demand unusual actions. This is what happened in case of revoking Art 370 and superseding 35A of Indian constitution with respect to special status and such privileges enjoyed by the erstwhile State of Jammu & Kashmir. Further, the State has been divided into two Union Territories

  • Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for India’s Foreign Policy!0

    by Prof. (Dr.) Sudhanshu Tripathi 8 January 2019 India needs to overcome its persisting inability to integrate the avenues of trade, technology, and investment into a coherent foreign policy formulation. There have been some noticeable shifts in the world in the preceding decades which are leading towards gradual unfolding of a new world order in

  • Adieu A. B. Vajpayee: End of an era!0

    Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi      19 August 2018 Former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee left to his heavenly abode in utter dismay and anguish of all; not only Indians but all of his well-wishers in all over the world. Why is this so? Was he to remain here in this mortal world forever? It is here


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