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    Shamsa Nawaz

    The writer is working as Senior Research Associate/ Editor at Strategic Vision Institute, Islamabad.

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  • India’s monolithic understanding of Religion0

                               by Shamsa Nawaz 10 May 2020 There are about 1.4 billion people living in India with a population of 80%  Hindus, 14% are Muslims, 2% are Christians, and 4% are either followers of other religions, or have no religion. Though, early India had strong traditions of cultic and religious syncretism yet, the religious freedom

  • Bloodletting in Delhi: A Tighter Hug on Progrom0

    by Shamsa Nawaz 11 March 2020 In an intense echo of bloodletting during the partition of 1947, in which approximately 2 million people died and several lost their property and homes, phased into a rerun of the Gujrat riots in 2002, Modi’s  Hinduisation  is ambitiously hankering on geo-politically strategic and obfuscated regional and international championship

  • Battle of Yokes: Indo-US vs. Sino-Pak Nexus0

    by  Shamsa Nawaz 11 February 2020 Rearrangements of new realities after the withdrawal of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan in 1979, and the readjustment of post WWII International Order into a multi-polar regionalized and globalized world, has led to the twosome power game in South Asia to continue via proxy. In all, from the legacy

  • India-Pakistan: Stitched in Multilateral Interests0

    by Shamsa Nawaz 24 January 2020 Bilaterally botched relationship, Pakistan and India would be working together in an economic and strategic multilateral forum of Eurasia’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The China-led Organization has eight members – India, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan – and four observer states, Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia.

  • Pakistan-Russia Relations: Breaking Up With History0

    January 2, 2020 Shamsa Nawaz Saddled with the mistrust of the Cold War era, the new alliance swaps between India and the US and Pakistan and Russia, have led the geo-political terrain of South Asia to be once again multi-dimensionally open for these major rivals to contest. This paradigm shift can be best understood in

  • Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB): Global Ideological Non-conformism0

    by Shamsa Nawaz 27 December 2019 The unashamedly authoritarian regime of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again displayed his exclusionary fascist instinct and violated the secular principles enshrined in the amended constitution of India.  In fact, irreligious polity was never originally placed in the Indian Constitution even at the time of India’s creation. Enacted

  • Remapping Indian Occupied Kashmir: A Multipronged Travesty0

                            by Shamsa Nawaz 15 November 2019 The second Presidential Order on the Reorganization of Jammu & Kashmir by India in 2019 is yet another outlandish decision to challenge the objectives of a peaceful coexistence. It is a call for altering an International Order more conversant to breach the democratic political norms, history and fundamental

  • Cease Fire Violations and the Lawfare0

    by Shamsa Nawaz 5 November 2019 Previously oscillating between military tensions and peace talks, cease fire violations (CFVs) have increased to 307 in August and 292 in September 2019, ever since Article (370) was repealed unilaterally by India on August 5, 2019, according to Indian sources. September 2019, also recorded 61 caliber escalations, implying usage

  • Post-UN 74th session: Kashmir is somewhere between abyss and fear0

     by Shamsa Nawaz 18 October 2019 Hailed as a hero for calling out New Delhi’s draconian measures in occupied Kashmir, Imran Khan warned the world of a “bloodbath” once India lifts its lockdown of Jammu and Kashmir. He persuaded global leaders to denounce the brutalities and human rights violations unleashed on Kashmiris ever since the disruption of

  • Sensitizing the World: Imran Khan at the UN0

                         by Shamsa Nawaz 26 September 2019 Reverent towards the regional integration, gracious of international order, Kashmiri freedom fighters in the Indian Occupied Kashmir are unjustifiably complicit in the torture and mass detention. On the other hand, “Howdy Modi” is devotedly welcomed by the veneered US President Donald Trump as his cherished “modern day fascist”.


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