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  • Failed water strategy threatens national existence0

    Shahid Islam   IN many countries, an April showering often facilitates May flowering.  Not in Bangladesh. This year’s April shower has caused havoc across the country, compounded by Indian intentional or accidental release of more toxic waters that had overflowed many of Bangladesh’s backwater swamps and lowlands known as haors.  The devastation came on the

  • Dhaka-Delhi defence pact? No, thanks

    Dhaka-Delhi defence pact? No, thanks0

    Shahid Islam Compromising on national security is no less disgusting, harmful and dangerous than allowing one’s spouse to flirt with a common friend of opposite sex. The ultimate outcome in both the instances is tearful eyes and fearful lives. Nightmares still revisit when Bangladeshis are reminded of the 1972 Treaty of Friendship with India, and,


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