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    Samiullah Doorandesh

    Samiullah Doorandesh is an Afghan refugee, pursuing an undergraduate degree in the School of Politics and International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

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  • Afghanistan; Doomed from the Skies, Damned on the Ground0

    by Samiullah Doorandesh 3 November 2019 Every U.S. airstrike resulting in civilian casualties nullifies the eighteen-year long endeavors of reconstruction and nation building aimed at winning the hearts and minds of Afghans in the perpetual War on Terror. The airstrikes have alarmingly augmented the xenophobia of Afghans towards the foreign troops and especially those of

  • India’s “Achilles Heel” in Central Asia: Afghanistan?0

    by Samiullah Doorandesh 15 October 2019 Afghanistan, a kryptonite in India’s central Asia Policy, after decades of economic stagnancy has started to stroll back on the path of development amidst the perennial impediments of insecurity, insurgency, and corruption. The establishment of infrastructural connectivity to reach the regional and international markets, since the ascendance of Ashraf

  • Resolving the Stalemate0

    by Samiullah Doorandesh 1 October 2019 The continuity of blame game, taming militants and terrorists, prevalence of mistrust, diminishing economic dependency, armed clashes at the borders, interference in internal affairs and pursuit of stringent policies have not and would not help any. Pakistan and Afghanistan desperately need to identify the past blunders, modify intercourse and


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