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    Saanaaree Manoratne

    Saanaaree Manoratne is a final year undergraduate in Faculty of Law, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. She is a Research Assistant (intern) in Institute of National Security Studies Sri Lanka, attached to the Ministry of Defence and a former Associate Editor of Asian Student Journal of Contemporary Law 2018 Issue I.

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  • Deranging levels of Food Security in Sri Lanka consequent to COVID-190

    by Saanaaree Manoratne 10 June 2020 In the backdrop of exponential growth of world’s population and the changing patterns of consumption, it is undoubted that the global demand for food is guaranteed to experience an upsurge in the near future. Such increase of demand coupled with other externalities such as limitations in production, soaring prices,

  • Impact of Invasive Alien Species in the Ecosystem of Sri Lanka0

    by Saanaaree Manoratne 1 January 2018 Invasive Alien Species are non-native organisms accidentally or deliberately introduced to the native ecosystem, which may adversely impact native flora and fauna. After the liberalization of Sri Lanka’s economy in 1977, foreign organisms have been introduced to the country through the horticulture, aquaculture and pet industries. Majority of these


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