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  • ASEAN’s Myanmar Dilemma0

    Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, the mastermind of the coup in Myanmar. Photo: EPA   By Barry Desker      24 May 2021 SYNOPSIS As ASEAN leaders engage Myanmar’s junta in their bid to resolve the latest domestic conflict of one of its own members, they should brace themselves for a long game and a testing time.

  • Sino-Indian Himalayan Misadventures: What Now Regional Geopolitics?0

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    • September 18, 2020

    By Nazia Hussain     18 September 2020 SYNOPSIS As bilateral relations deteriorate between the nuclear-armed neighbours, ramifications of the Sino-Indian border dispute resonate in the wider Indo-Pacific. New Delhi’s influence with South Asian neighbours is waning and would do well to reassess its foreign policy choices. COMMENTARY TENSIONS ALONG the disputed Sino-Indian border have flared

  • Ayodhya: Rising Hindu Violent Extremism?0

    By Rueben Dass     26 August 2020 SYNOPSIS The groundbreaking ceremony or Bhumi Pujan of the Ram Janmabhhoomi temple in Ayodhya, on the grounds of the Babri Mosque, was held on 5 August 2020. It coincided with the anniversary of the abrogation of Article 370, which changed the status of Jammu & Kashmir. Both events

  • China and India: Better Jaw-Jaw Than War-War0

    By Baohui Zhang        22 July 2020 SYNOPSIS The deadly clash between China and India in the Galwan Valley, Ladakh, has heightened the probability of war along their border. In fact, they are trapped in the most dangerous great power relationship in the world. China and India must engage each other more, not

  • 5G and Techno-Nationalism: Choosing Sides?0

    By Shashi Jayakumar and Manoj Harjani SYNOPSIS While Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries will favour a pragmatic approach in navigating between the tech ‘Great Game’ between the US and China, the pressure to choose sides is likely to intensify. COMMENTARY ON 24 JUNE 2020, Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) issued final approval to

  • Pakistan Stock Exchange Attack: New Wave of Ethno-separatist Violence?0

    By Abdul Basit      17 July 2020 SYNOPSIS The Pakistan Stock Exchange attack on 20 June 20202 and the accompanying spate of violence by various ethno-separatist groups mark a new wave of terrorism in Pakistan. This new wave should be seen in the broader context of the rapidly evolving geopolitical situation in the region.

  • Hindu Fundamentalism in Singapore0

    By Norman Vasu and Terri-Anne Teo Executive Summary This report examines the presence of Hindu fundamentalism in Singapore as determined by expressions of support for the 12 goals of modern Hindu fundamentalism. Although no group or individual interviewed supported all the 12 goals, there was some benign support for five of the goals. Benign support

  • China’s Make-Over: From Celestial Kingdom to Hegemonic Power0

    By Victor R Savage    13 July 2020 SYNOPSIS The view that China should be seen as a ”returning power” rather than a “rising power” and therefore having different psychological underpinning masks the ambitions of President Xi Jinping in transforming his country. Xi’s breakaway from China’s civilisational history hints at his determination to show China’s

  • US-China Rivalry Post-Pandemic: How Will the World Look Like?0

    By Victor R Savage 20 June 2020 SYNOPSIS COVID-19 has created a game changer in the US-China hegemonic rivalry. Both hegemons are affected economically and politically by the pandemic; the question is who will rise stronger out of this global catastrophe.COMMENTARY THE RAPID rise of China is a cause of global political discomfort given its

  • Sino-Indian Face-Off: ‘Mutual Security’?1

    By PS Suryanarayana 18 June 2020 SYNOPSIS The latest confrontation between China and India in the western sector of their disputed frontier has turned violent. Both countries officially reported casualties during the de-escalation phase. However, China’s earlier announcement of an agreement to “ameliorate the border situation” had raised hopes of some stability in this year

  • Rising Islamophobia in India: Exploiting the Pandemic?0

    By Nazneen Mohsina and Joseph Franco 4 June 2020 SYNOPSIS Communal tensions in India have heightened as right-wing Hindu nationalists exploited the Hindu-Muslim divide to hype up threats from COVID-19 and foment hatred against the country’s sizable Muslim minority. The vilification of Muslims could further hamper India’s response to COVID-19 while institutionalised Islamophobia could damage

  • Leveraging on the Pandemic: Can Modi Succeed?1

    By Parama Sinha Palit 28 May 2020 SYNOPSIS India is capitalising on the COVID-19 pandemic to exert leadership in South Asia to deflect negative perception of its populist and protectionist policies in domestic politics. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is striving hard to apply his tech savviness in social media and videoconferencing to score diplomatic advantages,

  • Disinformation: The Spreading of Islamophobia0

    By Remy Mahzam 13 May 2020 SYNOPSIS COVID-19-related disinformation campaigns designed to stoke Islamophobic sentiment are fuelling an uptick in hate attacks targeting Muslims in some countries. The unprecedented conditions created by the ongoing pandemic offer fresh opportunities for extremists to exploit, and require timely interventions.COMMENTARY HARD-LINE right-wing groups in parts of Asia and the

  • Tensions Rising, Again: South China Sea Disputes 2.0?0

    By BA Hamzah 5 May 2020 SYNOPSIS China’s unrelentingly assertive military posture in support of its fishermen in the South China Sea driven by rising nationalism can lead to low-level skirmishes with regional navies. This can complicate US-China relations and undermine ties with ASEAN as President Donald Trump looks for a diversionary foreign policy.COMMENTARY THE


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