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    Rani Singh

    The author is completing her postgraduate in one of the few universities of India that offer Gender Studies in India, at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi. Her research interests are in the fields of gender studies and sociology; particularly, socio-economic inter-sectionality of women’s status (class and caste) in rural and semi-urban India, and alternative genders with a special focus on the Indian transgender community.

Author's Posts

  • Women & Patriarchy in Vrat Kathas: A Study0

      Religious rituals typically involve disciplining or controlling some element of the body or bodily desires, but for women that may entail being subjected to ritual practices aimed at controlling them and reinforcing male domination. (Talukdar, 2014). The celebration of (Hindu) festivals[i] is tied up with the ideas of patriarchy enacted via religious institutional frameworks


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