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    Dr. Rajkumar Singh

    Dr. Rajkumar Singh is a Professor & Head of P.G. Dept. of Pol. Sc., B.N.M.U., West Campus, P.G. Centre, Saharsa-852201, Bihar (India)

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  • U.S. Peace strategy in modern Afghanistan0

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh 26 May 2019 The situation on the ground in Afghanistan has only gotten worse in recent months, with escalating violence and an increasingly unstable government. The National Unity Government has been paralyzed by infighting and division ahead of presidential elections scheduled for April 2019. Results from parliamentary elections held in October

  • Water Energy Projects in Nepal: An Opportunity for India0

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh 20 May 2019 Very recently in February 2019, the Indian government has proposed the construction of Lower Arun Hydropower project in Nepal with a capacity of 400 megawatts. It was decided in a meeting with Minister for Energy, Water Resource and Irrigation Barshaman Pun at New Delhi on and, Indian Minister

  • Contextual Elevation of SAARC0

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh 14 May 2019 One of the major policy initiatives taken by the Modi government is to focus back on its immediate neighbors in South Asia. Even before becoming the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi hinted that his foreign policy will actively focus on improving ties with India’s immediate neighbors which is being

  • Initial Motivations and Management of Pakistani Nuclear Programme0

    Pakistan’s nuclear programme has an independent origin, and the first step in this direction was taken in 1953. The year witnessed the setting up of an Atomic Energy Council (AEC), under the chairmanship of Dr. Nazir Ahmed. The Council was entrusted with the following tasks: (i) Survey of radioactive minerals, (ii) Working out a plan

  • Status of Pakistani Terror Laws Revisited0

    Dr. Rajkumar Singh 6 May 2019 Today Pakistan is unable to contain the forces of anarchy it has unleashed. The struggle to establish a parliamentary democracy in a federal setting has been handicapped by inter-ethnic strife, social strains, fragmented elite, praetorian rule, and the influences of external power– both regional and global. Since independence, ‘the

  • Kashmir Around Recent Indian Elections0

    by Dr. Rajkumar SIngh 17 April 2019 Earlier to the current 17th Loksabha elections due in April-May 2019 the  general elections to the 16th Lok Sabha was held in April – May 2014, proved a watershed in the political history of independent India. For the first time a non- Congress political party, the Bharatiya Janata

  • One Unit Scheme of Pakistan, 1955-1970 revisited1

    Dr. Rajkumar Singh         19/6/2018 As administrative divisions formed a basic tier of the government at independence in 1947, the new nation of Pakistan was comprised by two wings-the eastern and western, separated by India. At the time three of the provinces of Pakistan were subdivided into ten administrative divisions. The single area

  • Profile of Province Punjab in Pakistan0

      Dr. Rajkumar Singh     4/4/2018 Background The name ‘Punjab’ is compound of two Persian words Panj (five) and ab (water) and was introduced to the region by the Turko-Persian conquerers of India and more formally popularised during the Mughal Empire. Punjab means “The Land of Five Rivers” referring to the rivers: Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi,

  • Political Practices in Modern Pakistan0

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh In present-day Pakistan, there are four provinces, two territories, and two disputed regions which have similar governments with some differences. The Head of each province is a non-executive Governor appointed by the President, on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Governors play a similar role, at the provincial level, as the

  • Deeper Understanding of Today’s Indian Democracy0

    Dr. Rajkumar Singh Introduction When India became independent in 1947, the country opted to be a democratic nation. The idea of democracy as it developed in India remained ‘contextual’ in many ways. The particular historical-social context or the contextual influences shaped the new democratic institutions in various ways. Reciprocally, social hierarchies and preference for group

  • Dimensions of Updated Terror Perception

    Dimensions of Updated Terror Perception0

    Dimensions of Updated Terror Perception Dr. Rajkumar Singh The term ‘Terrorism’ has recently been defined by Paul J. Smith, a security expert at the Asia- Pacific Center for Security Studies, as a form of psychological warfare that is used to create great fear through the use of extensive force against non-combatant civilian military targets. It

  • Beginning of Modern Global Terrorism

    Beginning of Modern Global Terrorism0

    • Blog
    • February 26, 2017

    The cover page : The assassination of Alexander II of Russia, 1881 (Wikipedia) Beginning of Modern Global Terrorism Dr. Rajkumar Singh The concept of ‘Terrorism’ is as old as the civilization of mankind itself and has existed in all ages in some form or other which might be known anarchists, revolutionaries, fundamentalist or dissents against the

  • Current situation of terrorism in South Asia

    Current situation of terrorism in South Asia0

    • Blog
    • February 19, 2017

    Current situation of terrorism in South Asia VOA- Bangladeshi policemen investigate at the site of attack on Bangladeshi-American blogger Avijit Roy, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Feb. 26, 2015 Dr. Rajkumar Singh There is no uniform approach applicable to all South Asian countries for dealing with terrorism. What is needed is a differentiated country – specific approach.

  • Ethnic Dimensions of South Asia

    Ethnic Dimensions of South Asia0

    • Blog
    • February 13, 2017

    Ethnic Dimensions of South Asia Dr. Rajkumar Singh Introduction The terms ‘ethnic and ethnicity’ are used to include religious, racial, linguistic, tribal and similar divides which have been activated in the sociopolitical conflict in the present age. It is associated with a sense of identity arising from shared customs, language and culture, physical characteristics, and


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