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    Rajeesh CS

    Ph.D Scholar, Centre for South Asian Studies (CSAS) Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi-110067 Specialised in Civil Military Relations in Bangladesh.

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  • Bhutan’s China Policy0

    Abstract Bhutan and China represent two ends of the international system, one being a small power and the other a great power. The annexation of Tibet by China and Bhutan’s close historical and political affinity with India put Bhutan into a dilemma and force always them to pose a question – ‘how to deal with

  • Employment Deprivation and Anti Quota Protest in Bangladesh0

    The last few days newspaper reports have surfaced the vicious and brutal faces of Bangladesh government screwed up with hate, thrashing and smashing students protesting against the present quota system. It has caused a stir and chaos in every corner of Bangladesh, which pressurized the Prime Minister to intervene into the issue. But don’t expect

  • Drukpa Ethnocentrism and Cultural Hegemony in Bhutan0

      by Mr. Rajeesh CS and Ms. Ashwati CK     3/4/2018 The word culture is commonly used for a number of different things. Most commonly, of course, it is used to refer to the customs and habits of an identifiable group of people. It has played an enormous role in the development of peoples, nations, and societies


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