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    Mrittika Nandy

    Mrittika Nandy is a Doctoral Candidate at Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. Her research interests are Corporate Social Responsibility, Micro Finance, the politics of Healthcare, Education and Right to Food & Nutrition. Being a student of Political Science, Nandy takes immense interest in India’s domestic politics and foreign affairs. She is extremely enthusiastic about Music, Drama and Sports specifically football. An avid fan of German football team and reserves her loyalty whenever there is a soccer world cup around.

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  • Are the Corporates Working towards our Common Future?0

    By Mrittika Nandy       7 August 2018 The neo-liberal development model essentially refers to liberalization, privatization, and globalization of the earth’s resources for the more significant benefit of the people. The emergence of big corporates and their ambition for the optimization of individual profits has not only divided the world between the rich and

  • The Curious Negation: Confluence and Conformity of Thoughts on Social Media0

    Image source: Digital Vidya by Mrittika Nandi      5 August 2018 Social Media is an innovative platform that offers diverse perspectives on the socio-political issue. It’s a camouflage of truth-falsity on any given situation with political or religious undertones. It’s a potential ground to shun other’s views through abusive or humorous trolling. But in

  • Globalisation and Surveillance: Who is watching you?0

    Speculations have revolved around the concept of globalisation as to whether it’s a phenomenon or an event in the world history. Instead, it’s a spatial phenomenon which is progressively expanding and engulfing almost all the corners of the world. There is hardly any country which is bereft of any implications of globalisation. Globalisation includes constant


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