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    Krishna Kumar Saha

    Krishna Kumar Saha is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration at Comilla University, Bangladesh. He is currently pursuing his M.A. in South Asian Studies at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. As a graduate of the University of Dhaka with a degree in Public Administration, he has the privilege to collaborate with the University of Heidelberg, the University of Dhaka, UNDP, International Organization for Migration (IOM), British Council, Save The Children International, The Asia Foundation, The Daily Prothom Alo, as well as other renowned national and international organizations. Mr. Saha has been doing research on public policy, electoral violence, governance, and development. Several of his research papers have been published in various prestigious academic journals. He has also conducted academic courses relevant to his research interest at Comilla University. He loves traveling, dancing Salsa, taking photographs, and going to Karaoke with friends. Making new friends is one of his passions. He wants to do more of what makes him happy. You can contact him at the following e-mail (krishna_du@yahoo.com).

Author's Posts

  • Durable Solutions to Rohingya Crisis0

    by Krishna Kumar Saha  2 August 2021 In August 2017, the people of the Rohingya minority fled Arakan, Myanmar, to escape the violence and abuse by the majority Buddhist population and security forces there. And within less than three months, 750000 refugees entered Bangladesh and currently living in the district of Cox’s Bazar. More than

  • The present Coronavirus situation in Bangladesh0

    by Krishna Kumar Saha 22 April 2020 In December 2019, the COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China, and millions of people were tested positive, and thousands and thousands of people have died. However, hundreds and thousands of people have recovered from this virus too. So, fare 184 countries/regions reported evidence of COVID-19. As of 2 April,

  • Rohingyas: Repatriation Ensured How About Human Rights?0

    by Krishna Kumar Saha 22 August 2019 The first batch of Rohingya Refugees repatriation is scheduled to begin 22 August 2019. Bangladesh government has first provided a list of 22,000 Rohingyas but Myanmar reportedly verified 3,450 Rohingya for repatriation list. If everything goes well, they can start going back to their homeland, Myanmar. And it

  • Better Future for Rohingya: An Uncertain Pledge0

    Krishna Kumar Saha 30 April 2019 Starting in August 2017, a mass number of Rohingya refugees infiltrated to Bangladesh and started living in the camps with no hope of going back home anytime soon. Since then, it’s already been 18 months, more than one million Rohingya flee to Bangladesh to escape the ethnic violence in

  • Rohingya Repatriation Deal Signed: What’s Next?0

    by Krishna Kumar Saha December 7, 2017 Following the attack by Rohingya militants’ 25 Aug’17 attacks on 30 police posts and an army base, the Myanmar Army started ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Muslim majority Rakhine state. The term ‘ethnic cleansing’ was already used by UN official in September of this year but the US Department of

  • UN Peacekeeping and Bangladesh0

    UN Peacekeeping and Bangladesh Krishna Kumar Saha Abstract UN Peacekeeping has never been so diversified before as it is right now. The nature and context of Peacekeeping missions of UN have changed several times. Also, it is no more of light footprint and truce supervision as it was before. Now it has become increasingly complex,


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