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    B. Z. Khasru

    B. Z. Khasru, is editor of The Capital Express in New York and author of “Myths and Facts Bangladesh Liberation War” and “The Bangladesh Military Coup and the CIA Link.” He is working on a new book, “The King’s Men, One Eleven, Minus Two, Secrets Behind Sheikh Hasina’s War on Yunus and America.”

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  • The Red Tsar on the fate of India, Pakistan — and Kashmir0

    DateSeptember 30, 2020     By B. Z. Khasru Just three weeks before Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin died, India’s ambassador to Moscow, K. P. S. Menon, received a much sought-after invitation to meet him at the Kremlin. The reclusive communist leader rarely granted such an interview. During the previous five years, he had bestowed this honor

  • Modi’s India, Savarkar’s dream0

    In V. D. Savarkar’s Hindudom, Muslims and Christians were unwelcome, as were the Jews in Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Even though Buddhists and Sikhs were no longer as pure as Hindus, they were still acceptable because their religions originated in Hindustan. Savarkar disliked Muslims and Christians because of their allegiance to Mecca and Rome; they

  • India’s migration politics could lead to disaster: Statesman contributor0

    In his article, the author warns that India’s attempt to root out illegal Bangladeshi migrants will give fodder to Islamic extremists that have been largely kept under control. BZ Khasru 22 November 2019 KOLKATA (THE STATESMAN/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – India’s migration politics – an assertion that there are 40 million Bangladeshi migrants illegally living in

  • Bengali Hindus leaving India for Bangladesh, raising intriguing questions0

    21 November 2019 For more than a hundred years, the ratio of Hindu population in the Indian subcontinent has been declining. The dip, from 75.1 percent in 1881 to 72.9 percent in 1901, in British India created a paranoid reaction that Muslims would outnumber Hindus. This myth has been repeated after every census ever since.The

  • Muslims Should Reject Indian Supreme Court’s Land Offer1

    Columbia College of Arts & Sciences History News Network by B. Z. Khasru 12 November 2019 U.S.-based journalist B. Z. Khasru is author of “Bangladesh Liberation War, How India, U.S., China and the USSR Shaped the Outcome.” His new book, “One Eleven Minus Two, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s War on Yunus an America,” will be

  • Politics of influx: The mistrust of some Hindus towards Bangladesh is disturbing0

    Monday, 12 November 2019 | BZ KHASRU The mistrust of some Hindus towards Bangladesh is disturbing. If the migration issue festers, business communities on both sides will go into hibernation For more than 100 years, the ratio of Hindu population in the Indian subcontinent has been declining. The dip, from 75.1 per cent in 1881 to 72.9

  • India’s Paranoia about Bangladeshi Immigration0

    October 29, 2019 Contrary to the popular myth of Hindu exodus, Bangladesh is seeing a reverse migration from India, fueling speculation that pro-India Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has imported Bengali-speaking Hindus and given them top government jobs to tighten her grip on the nation. B. Z. KHASRU | Caravan Daily For more than 100 years,

  • India validates ‘two-nations’ theory0

    B Z Khasru OCTOBER 17, 2019 By pursuing a populist ultra-nationalist agenda, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unwittingly validated the much-maligned “two-nations” theory that formed the rationale behind dividing British India to create Pakistan as a Muslim homeland. His policy pits Hindus against Muslims, an unfortunate schism that all of his predecessors fought against. Seven

  • India’s migration politics will topple Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina1

    OCTOBER 10, 2019 India’s migration politics–an assertion that there are 40 million Bangladeshi migrants illegally living in India and that they must be pushed back–will morph into an explosive crisis in South Asia and destabilise the region. This is how things will unravel: India’s looming campaign to round up suspected illegal migrants and put them

  • India’s migration politics could lead to disaster0

    Such an exodus, in turn, will enrage India’s already psyched-up saffron soldiers; they will be more than pleased to turn the ancient Indian civilization into an anti-Muslim battleground, just to avenge historical humiliation of the Hindus under Muslim rulers for a thousand years, if nothing else. BZ Khasru | Kolkata | October 6, 2019 People get

  • How a Bangladeshi Army Chief Duped the US1

    September 25, 2019 B.Z. Khasru After Zia was mysteriously killed by some fellow army officers in Chittagong on May 30, 1981, the ambassador suspected that the military could take over the government. The danger of instability in the military was ripe because Ershad was not seen by his senior colleagues as the strongest military leader.

  • Modi’s India vs Hitler’s Reich1

    By B Z Khasru The partition of India in 1947 by Britain to create two independent countries wreaked havoc in human lives and caused miseries. It killed two million people, according to various estimates, and displaced 14 million. Its legacy, the two siblings of the midnight— nuclear-armed Pakistan and India, which have fought three major

  • An Existing Plan can Resolve the Kashmir Crisis0

    by B.Z. Khasru 26 August 2019 Prime Minister Narendra Modi is driving the Kashmir train on the wrong track of ultra-nationalism that cost India 25 percent its land and 20 percent of people in 1947. But it’s not yet too late to change the course to find lasting peace and prosperity for all of its

  • Was India Behind 2009 Border Guards Massacre in Bangladesh?0

    August 17, 2019 B.Z. Khasru Public speculation by many, including the prime minister herself, termed the tragedy as an external conspiracy. One explanation for the mutiny was that the rebel soldiers opened fire on their officers when they dismissed appeals for better pay. The viciousness of the mutiny convinced many Bangladeshis that something more than


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