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    Jamal Hussain

    Jamal Hussain is a retired Air Commodore with the Pakistan Air Force. He is a defence expert, with over 30 years’ experience and expertise on air power history, strategy and employment concepts. Has been writing, teaching and lecturing on defence related subjects, especially about nuclear dynamics and all aspects of air power mainly in the context of Pakistan and South Asia. One of the co-authors of ‘Routledge Handbook of Air Power’ published by Routledge Publishers Oxon and New York in 2018. Co-authored the book Tribes of Pakistan published by Cambridge Scholar Publishing. Appears regularly in TV talk shows, national and international seminars as a defence and air power expert. Has contributed articles on defence related issues in the Defence Journal from Pakistan, Probe Magazine (Dhaka – Bangladesh), Global Affairs journal Islamabad, Global Age magazine Islamabad and Dawn, the News, Daily Times and the Nation English Dailies from Pakistan. Articles published in the CTX journal Monterey, California.

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    by Jamal Hussain 11 March 2020 Will the US – Taliban peace accord hold? The majority perhaps would respond with a vociferous ‘no’ while some with a nuanced ‘may be’. The naysayers primarily belong to two distinct categories: first, those who firmly believe the 9/11 episode was stage-managed by the USA to provide them with

  • Pricey Combat Planes and even Pricier Operational Costs0

     by Jamal Hussain 17 February 2020 Acquisition of airpower is an expensive proposition. The exponential rise in the cost of successive generations of modern combat planes, which represent the queen in the air warfare chessboard, is a classic example. The piston engine/propeller driven powered predecessors of modern fighter-strike aerial platforms that were ubiquitous during the

  • Impact of S-400 Air Defence SAM Induction in India on the PAF0

    by Jamal Hussain 13 February 2020 The long-range, highly mobile Russian S-400 Triumf Air Defence surface-to-air missile, known as the S-21 Growler in the West is a formidable weapon. Primarily developed for employment in aerial defence, its ability to engage hostile aerial targets at ranges in excess of 400 Kms gives it a potent offensive


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