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    Hasnat Sheikh

    Hasnat Sheikh is a masters student of political science and an activist working on education.

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  • Principles of Persecution: India’s systematized Human rights violations0

    Arbitrary detentions, torture, mass graves and mass rapes; No, you are not reading about a rogue third world authoritarian dictatorship. Instead, these are words that describe matters recurrent in the “world’s largest democracy,” India. The country, over time, has developed a mechanism to extend and tighten its hold on disturbed regions, specifically those states that

  • Pakistan’s War on Terror: Treat the cause not the symptoms2

      A few years in to the Pakistani National Action Plan’s (NAP) bid to comprehensively cleanse the country of terrorism, with the finish line still far ahead, there is a dire need of a clear and consistent policy to solidify the envisioned goals of this exercise. The counter terrorism military operations from “Zarb e Azab”


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