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    Fawad Kaiser

    Fawad Kaiser is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist living in the United Kingdom.

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  • Behavioral Economics is fast becoming relevant to develop Sustainable Development Goals0

    by Dr Fawad Kaiser 29 August 2019 There is a new commitment to develop Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we are witnessing a shift in paradigm in the conceptualization of development, from seeing it mainly as economic growth, to conceptualizing it as healthy, human centered sustainable development. Civil society is contributing to this new way


    by FAWAD KAISER 2 August 2019 In Greek mythology, Daedalus warned his son Icarus against flying too high or too low on the wings that he made to allow them both to escape captivity. Icarus, intoxicated by the experience of flight, ignored the advice and paid the ultimate penalty. Most leaders possess typical leadership qualities

  • Give or Take: US Military Aid and Pakistan’s Cooperation0

    by Fawad Kaiser 25 July 2019 Despite having poured billions of dollars of aid into Pakistan’s economy and its military over the years, there is a general acceptability among scholars and policymakers that the United States exercises limited leverage in Pakistan. Although Afghanistan remains the centrepiece in US–Pakistan policy divergences, US frustrations often stem from

  • Increased scandalization: Pakistan political scandals0

    by Fawad Kaiser 16 July 2019 With regard to types of scandals, offences related to economic affairs and personal behaviour scandals are the most prominent scandal types. Legislation, which influence what is defined as scandalous, may thus differ radically between South Asian countries that, in most areas, are regarded as relatively similar. The scandals in

  • Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan under pressure to ease tax hike impact1

    by Fawad Kaiser 2 July 2019 With an ambitious new Prime Minister Imran Khan in power and in absolute control of the machinery of government, there has been a lot of talk in this budget session about revenue and how Pakistan Tehreek Insaf government can raise more of it. There is, of course, a proposal

  • Asian Cuisine’s Rise, and Triumph; Women who are transforming the food industry as we know it0

    by Fawad Kaiser 8 June 2019 Careers for women were once expected to follow a certain trajectory, one that involved limited leadership opportunities and the expectation to fulfil domestic and maternal roles. But these days, not only are women rising to the challenge of Britain’s top level jobs, they’re also starting their own business empires.

  • Child marriage and Child sexual abuse0

    Dr Fawad Kaiser 31 May 2019 Many women in the developing world are subject to marriage at an early age. Most such women have little choice in the age at which they marry, or whom they marry. The incidence varies widely, from a high of 70 per cent in south Asia to a low of

  • IMF and Critical Issues Facing Pakistan0

    by Fawad Kaiser 24 May 2019 Critical issues facing Pakistan today are the lack of transparency and accountability in government. From buying influence to spending public funds on personal interests, corruption is eroding public trust in fragile democratic processes, the rule of law, and public institutions. Many Asian countries today are tackling critical challenges that


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