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    Elsa Lycias Joel

    Dr. Elsa Lycias Joel writes for children's magazines like Junior Chandamama and Children's World. She also contributes to Woman's Era, Readers Digest, I Quote, Women Exclusive (WE), Infinithoughts, Couples Magazine, Ovi Magazine and other regional dailies. She recently authored a children's book named "Perfect Endings'.

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  • Interview: Dr. A. Velumani speaks to Elsa Lycias Joel0

    by Elsa Lycias Joel     28 February 2021 Dr. A.Velumani speaks to Elsa Lycias Joel about becoming an entrepreneur, the challenges he faced with creating Thyrocare Technologies Ltd., a chain of diagnostic and preventive care laboratories headquartered in Navi Mumbai, why he holds his mother in high regards, National Health Mission, and his father in

  • Environment: Let’s give back, with gratitude0

    by Elsa Joel 8 June 2020 This is a story of a boy born in Kenya to indulgent parents, fell in love with the wilderness,  journeyed through England and America, kick started his passion with a Brownie a Kodak box camera- 7th birthday gift, transited through Bollywood and went on to become one of the

  • Burning issue in India – stubble burning0

    by Elsa Joel 29 December 2019 Over the past decades till date so much of noise is being heard all over the country from Punjab, Haryana and Delhi during the paddy harvesting season. Stubble burning isn’t an act of ignorance or illiteracy but of rebellion and helplessness. Rebellion towards government lethargy and helplessness because they

  • India – Maharashtra politics – Powerful Pawar0

    by Elsa Lycias Joel 3 December 2019 India is a happening place. Anything can happen anytime and everything about political theatre is so dramatic and entertaining. The Maharashtra spectacle reminded me of the monkey and the crocodile story. The Shiv Sena scampering up its way to safety was indeed a sight to behold. Nobody dare

  • India: In jest or (In)justice1

    by Dr. Elsa Lycias Joel 19 October 2019 The newly released Human Rights Watch World Report 2018, Amnesty International Report 2018 and the US State Department reports on India and Nepal, find that caste-based discrimination and violence remain a serious threat as hate crimes against Dalits are widespread. On 17 June, 2018 Prashant Solanki of

  • An interview with Venugopal Chandrasekhar0

    by Elsa Lycias Joel        21/3/2018 In conversation with Elsa Lycias Joel Like a Phoenix, he rose… Having read and heard a lot about Venugopal Chandrasekhar, I wasn’t able to handle my anticipation and excitement as I walked into his TT academy one late noon. He received me with a pleasant smile, friendly handshake

  • Shall we sprinkle some stardust!0

    Do you have a dream for yourself? Don’t bother if you don’t remember having dreamt anything at all but always remember the saying “Every child is a Genius.” As kids, we adored our parents and tried to imitate them. When we entered the world of fascination and flew high with our imaginations as teenagers, we

  • Beef Up! It’s about our home0

    Shall we recollect the story of the goose that laid golden eggs! a fable that has survived over 2000 odd years. It’s fascinating because it has a resonance. Like in the fable, we prefer to manipulate and destroy our environment rather than be content with one gold egg a day. Kinship with nature is as

  • Jayalalithaa – A Woman’s era (1948-2016)

    Jayalalithaa – A Woman’s era (1948-2016)0

    I don’t find it easy to write. Words wouldn’t come, or if they do, they are not the right words. I am probably just one of the millions of mourners who is in the process of realizing human mortality. These are sad times indeed for a great Indian life have come to an end. She

  • Remembering The President

    Remembering The President0

    A year ago, India lost a visionary par excellence Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. For leaders of today, consider this fact: when he died he left no mansion, no car, no offshore bank accounts. Rather unusual for someone who was Scientific Adviser to Defence Minister, Scientific Adviser to the Government of India and then the Honorable


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