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    Basma Khalil

    The writer is working as Research Affiliate at Strategic Vision Institute Islamabad, a non-partisan based out of Islamabad.

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  • Foreseeing cyber vulnerabilities of nuclear facilities in South Asia0

    by Basma Khalil       29 July 2020 In this era of rapidly evolving technology, nuclear facilities are exposed to a dynamic and evolving spectrum of cyber vulnerabilities. Cyber-attacks on nuclear facilities are a matter of concern and it’s not for the first time that a cyber-attack has been carried out. Such as attack on

  • Eradication of Terrorism from Pakistan0

    by Basma Khalil     17 July 2020 Over the last decade, Pakistan has made commendable efforts to eradicate the menace of terrorism from the state.  Operations like Zarb e Azab and Radd ul Fasad carried out by Pakistan military against the non-state actors and militants successfully marked the triumph of Pakistan in the eradication of

  • Covid-19: Impacts on Pakistan’s Cyber Security0

    by Basma Khalil 28 June 2020 The Covid-19 pandemic still remains the most dominant factor affecting global scenario. Neither the superpowers nor the developing countries are spared of its curse. Whole world is in a crisis like situation whether it’s a super power or state like Pakistan, which has already been facing external threat and

  • China- India Standoff and Pakistan’s Response0

    by Basma Khalil 16 June 2020 China and India have a history of border disputes with each other.  In 1962, both countries found themselves in war over fringe of Aksai Chin. Later in 1967 pressures raised as a result of Nathu La and Cho La military conflicts at the Himalayan border. Similar incident occurred which

  • Current State of Terrorism and Counter-terrorism measures of Pakistan0

    by Basma Khalil  12 March 2020 Lately, there have been numerous reports and indicators that hint at the improved security situation across the country. According to the report of Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies’ (PIPS), over the decade terrorist activities in Pakistan have plummeted by more than 85 %. This could be attributed to the

  • Indo-Pak Relations in the Post Truth Era0

    BASMA KHALIL 27 February 2020 Ralph Keyes in his book “The Post-Truth Era: Dishonesty and Deception in Contemporary Life” said, this is the era of post truth in which the borders between the truth and lie are too vague. He said, in the present, people have truth, lies and statements alike which they are too

  • Emerging Cyber warfare threats to Pakistan0

    by Basma Khalil 15 February 2020 “The potential for the next Pearl Harbor could very well be a cyber-attack.” Leon Panetta In the modern era, war has been revolutionized due to rapid advancements in technology. As a result, cyber security along with its pros and cons is contributing increasingly to modern warfare. Pakistan, however, is


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