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    Baber Ali Bhatti

    The author is an Islamabad based lawyer, has a degree in Defense and Strategic Studies.

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  • Iran: Hawkish Trump0

    Mr. Trump has gathered the hawkish cohort of advisors led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the national security adviser, John R. Bolton to smoothen the internal resistance in his administration on the face of unreasonable policies. One of them appears in the form of US withdrawal from Iran Nuclear deal. Joint Comprehensive Plan

  • Kashmir: Blow to International Humanitarian Law0

    by Baber Ali Bhatti        15/5/2018 International humanitarian law (IHL) is applicable on both international armed conflict and non-international armed conflict. Given the Kashmir issue, this law, being the major component of international law, has a wider scope and germane applicability on India despite well-staged encounters and operation by its armed forces. Status of


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