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    Arpit Chaturvedi

    Arpit Chaturvedi is an apprentice at the National Commission for Scheduled Castes in India. He was a talent management consultant at Manpower Group. He has edited a monograph by top civil servants for the National Foundation for Communal Harmony in India. He is the author of the upcoming book “Our Egalitarian Universe?”

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  • The last great Mughal emperor: An appraisal

    The last great Mughal emperor: An appraisal0

    There has been much debate recently and it is among those everlasting historical debates that become victims of twisted discourse and are then molded to fit into biased narratives. The debate now is the one about the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. The recent change of nomenclature of an important road hitherto named as “Aurangzeb Road” in

  • Women, Democracy and the War Drum

    Women, Democracy and the War Drum0

    Wars are made by men for they are territorial by instinct. Such is the argument presented by many commentators of the role of gender in the maintenance of societal harmony. The phenomenon of “youth bulge” deserves adequate discussion owing to its novelty and for the simple fact that it presents an interesting argument. Gunnar Heinsohn

  • Cultural and economic determinism of affirmative action in India

    Cultural and economic determinism of affirmative action in India0

    “….What is equal is to be treated equally and what is different is to be treated differently, namely proportionately to the factual difference. […] the principle of equality before the law does not mean the absolute equality, […] but it means the relative equality, namely the principle to treat equally what are equal and unequally


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