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    Ahyousha Khan

    The writer is "Research Associate" at Islamabad Based Think-tank "Strategic Vision Institute"

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  • Artificial Intelligence in South Asia and Implications for Pakistan0

    By Ahyousha Khan          18 October 2020 Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows any system to perceive, interpret, and reason a given situation by acting physically or digitally. Today AI has wider use in medical, transport, economics, and military technologies. Most significantly, the use of AI in military affairs has gained momentum in recent

  • India’s Test of Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle and Implications for South Asia0

    By Ahyousha Khan  30 September 2020 In September this year, India claimed to have successfully tested scramjet engine technology. This has been indigenously developed for its hypersonic technology demonstrator vehicle (HSTDV). As per the Indian estimates, this particular and sophisticated technology would be a key component for the development of the next generation of hypersonic

  • Indian Pursuit of Disruptive Technologies and Its Implications on Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia0

    By Ahyousha Khan 23 September 2020 The term disruptive technology was first coined by a Harvard Business School Professor, Clayton Christensen in his book “The Innovator Dilemma”. According to the book, disruptive technologies could revolutionize the specific fields in which they are to be adopted. However, disruptive technologies also come with many risks attached because

  • Artificial Intelligence without Cyber Resilience in South Asia0

    By: Ahyousha Khan     16 July 2020 Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the defining technologies of the 21st century. Today AI is being deployed in health care systems, financial trading, translation and transportation, and military technology massively. The technology and terminology “artificial intelligence” is not the product of the 21st century, rather the term

  • Non-Traditional Threats to National Security0

    by Ahyousha Khan 30 April 2020 The term ‘security’ is a comprehensive concept that encompasses the internal and external security threats faced by nation-states within the prevalent international system. Thus, each state has a peculiar national security policy, dynamic enough in the face of evolving threats and inherent vulnerabilities. Therefore, a national security policy cannot

  • Back to Short Range Ballistic Missiles0

    By: Ahyousha Khan    26 January 2019 Year 2018 was significant from the point of view of nuclear arms build-up and non-proliferation efforts globally. On one side Washington and Pyongyang went for negotiations after decades of direct confrontations; on the other hand side US withdraw from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran and Inter-mediate Nuclear Force Treaty

  • Arihant First Successful Deterrent Petrol: Dawn of new era or Nothing New but a Hyped Political Statement0

      By: Ahyousha Khan    27 November 2018 Few days ago on the successful completion of the first deterrence petrol of Arihant, which is SSBN (ship submersible ballistic missile nuclear powered) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave statement that now India possesses “credible nuclear deterrence”. There is no doubt that with INS Arihant, India now possess


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