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    Aejaz Ahmad Wani

    Aejaz Ahmad Wani is an Independent researcher. Studied Political Science at the University of Delhi and taught political ethics and political theory at Department of Political Science, School of Open Learning, University of Delhi. He has contributed articles and book reviews to Economic & Political Weekly, Mainstream Weekly, Asian Affairs (T&F), Journal of Political Studies, Café Dissensus, Third Concept and Kindle Magazine. In addition, he is a contributing author of the book Modern South Asian Thinkers (Sage) and Political Process in India (Pinnacle)

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  • Book review: Left, Right and Centre: The Idea of India0

    by Aejaz Ahmad Wani      11/6/2018 There has been much fuss about nationalism in India in the past few years. Catchphrases such as national/anti-national, anti-Hindu, anti-State, Sickularity, and intolerance have kept coming up in public sphere. This is nothing but a contestation on the Idea of India, whether the idea of India is reducible


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